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What’s a consultant?

The question seems to be simple but when one searches for it on the Internet, everything just comes up… Who has not come across the joke about consultants: “How many consultants does it take to change a lightbulb?” or who has not found a job offer that asks you to be kind of a mutant: a crossover between Spiderman and Inspector Gadget!

I am neither a hero, nor Superman and my dog is not called Finot (I don’t even have a dog actually). I am a Merethis consultant on the Centreon Enterprise Server suite and… I like it! I’d bet that you will soon understand why.

My job

The life of a consultant requires some essential values for the missions’ success. These values must be considered commitments associated with expertise.

The first step is the ability to listen and understand my client; this alone is fundamental. You rely on your technical expertise to give him/her the clearest and the most suitable answer. You shouldn’t doubt your proactivity in your domain (IT monitoring in my case). A high adaptability is necessary as well because companies and business sectors vary a lot from one mission/client to another.

What do I do technically speaking?

The missions are as rich as diversified in themes and duration-wise. The consultant can help the client to extend the monitoring perimeter with new needs, elaborate a migration plan, write audit and architecture documents or make some specific development. We also train our clients on the products and we assure a level 3 support when necessary.

But Merethis consultants are never alone. All feedbacks from our monitoring community and the Merethis teams (dev, other consultants, support team…) give me a progressive and innovative vision of Centreon. I feel like I really am part of a team composed of members with solid and various skills.

Where do I act?

A consultant can act anywhere! Our users and clients are all around the world.

Analytics_forumSource : Google Analytics on in 2013

However, most of our missions take place in France. They can be remotely done via a VPN or Cisco Webex session where we take control of the client’s environment.

The notoriety of Centreon allows to collaborate with many different users around the world. Remember when my colleague Rémi was sent to Abidjan not so long ago. I had the opportunity to move to Belgium, Germany and recently I’ve been tasked to make an audit for a telecom operator… in New Caledonia! It’s rather nice to spend weekends hiking, jet-skiing or swimming with the turtles… A picture to give you an idea.
vied'unconsultant_NC2We work with partners because we can’t always act everywhere on all our missions. In addition to the countries already mentioned, some other Merethis consultants had the opportunity to work in the USA, Switzerland, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates … great missions that leave great memories!

This is why I chose this job because it is unique for me and it joins my passion for computers  with something that I really care about: the Open Source philosophy!

And you know what? Merethis is currently recruiting new consultants in Paris and Toulouse.

Stop thinking and join us already!

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