Call for beta tester

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All development team Centreon mobilizes every day to improve the stability and quality of its products.
All feedback of experiences, advices and ideas are studied under the microscope and taken into account in the development of our products. But we still need new contributions to further development.
Go to the next level and test in preview Centreon and modules!

Whether you are developers, administrators or users, you have your place in the team. Our organization is based on the Open Source and we have room for all people motivated.

How to participate?
It’s easy! We need different profiles to enhance our position.

You can start by:

  • use our products;
  • returns to the forge (ideas, corrections, enhancements);
  • be part of the beta testers to test future versions of our products
  • translate Centreon into a language that you understand;
  • assist in documenting Centreon and its modules;
  • develop your own module and maintain the module on your own forge;
  • talk about us on your blogs or follow us on social networks:
    – facebook 
    – twitter (@Centreon)
    – linkedin
  • take part of events with us (Solution Linux 28 & 29 May 2013)

And you will appear automatically in the official list of contributors!

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