Blog post of a Merethis consultant

What’s a consultant?

The question seems to be simple but when one searches for it on the Internet, everything just comes up… Who has not come across the joke about consultants: “How many consultants does it take to change a lightbulb?” or who has not found a job offer that asks you to be kind of a mutant: a crossover between Spiderman and Inspector Gadget!

I am neither a hero, nor Superman and my dog is not called Finot (I don’t even have a dog actually). I am a Merethis consultant on the Centreon Enterprise Server suite and… I like it! I’d bet that you will soon understand why. Continue reading

He did it !

In October, Eric, one contributor of the Centreon community, better known as Kermith72 impressed us when he decided to manufacture a beacon tower made of lego bricks which illuminated at the rhythm of Centreon alerts.
Since no challenge can stop him, this year, he is back on stage with an even more impressive construction. Yes, he made it even better by providing: a Centreon lego cube, that also illuminates in green, orange or red.

See for yourself!

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