Centreonian Interview – Matthieu Robin

Come on, Centreonnians, last interview before the summer! But no worries, other subjects await you …
After Eric, Alexandre, Julien, David, this is Matthieu Robin.
This interview is a bit special because Matthew is more user than contributor. But not least! :)

  • Hello Matthieu. Could you introduce yourselves?

I started my career as a support helpdesk, first and second level in an international society. Through several companies, I could evolve into today’s System Administrator in an international finance companywhose the Headquarter is in Geneva. We are a team of four to manage about 100 servers.

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Centreonian Interview – Alexandre Nogard

We are finalizing this “pretty” May with an interview with a member of the community: Alexandre Nogard.

  • Hey Alexandre. Could you introduce yourselves?

Hello, my name is Alexandre Nogard, I am a student at Supinfo since 2008 and I am currently in 5th grade. For my personal development and to strengthen my English, I spent a year in London and since November, I am professional contract with the company Bonduelle and I hope to sign a permanent contract.

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