New solution in Centreon Portfolio: Centreon IMP, THE Instant Monitoring Platform for small ITOM teams

Centreon is proud to officially announce the launch of its new monitoring solution for small ITOM teams and SMBs/SMEs

At Centreon, we believe that it is critical to empower ITOM professionals with round-the-clock monitored IT information and insight, regardless of sector, size or IT staff and resources, with reliable open source monitoring solutions that meet every frugal budget to make deployment and integration easy, speeding up time-to-monitoring (TTM).

Centreon IMP for SMB IT admins

Our new Centreon IMP solution is a highly performing professional solution that gets straight to the monitoring essentials for SMB/SME IT teams.

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Good Practices: virtual metrics – part 2

We previously discussed the theoretical part of the virtual metric.
Let’s start now some practical exercises!
In this new article, you will find examples of configuration step by step so that you can incorporate on your platform supervision.
To help you to familiarize yourself little by little with virtual metrics, we present use cases from simple to more difficult.

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