Centreon 2.2 beta released

We are pleased to announce the release of Centreon version 2.2 beta 1. This version integrates bugfixes but above all, new features and major enhancements. You can find this version in the download section of Centreon Web site.

Our work was mainly focused on the improvement of the current features. It is not thus a revolutionary version but a number of points will certainly be of interest to you:)

First of all, we improved the ergonomics of the application. We added for example filters of selection by host groups in the monitoring console as well as more advanced filters on hosts and services. Some of these features had made their appearance in the version 2.1.x of Centreon because we knew that 2.2 would not go out before the end of the year. So some things are already available in the version 2.1.

Montage_Centreon_Web.jpgIn this version, the rules of Access Control List (ACL) are now much simpler to apply. We attempted to facilitate you the work by allowing you to define rules in strategic places. A user can now be added in a ACL group from its profile. You will no longer need in two steps but you can make it in only one. The resources can be added by pollers. This means that a user will be attached to all the monitored elements on a poller. It will be particularly useful for the users monitoring various totally different environments requiring to stay locked out. You can create an ACL containing ” all the hosts ” or ” all the hosts groups ” or ” all the services groups” only with a simple checkbox. For example, to define a group of users that must have access to ” all the groups services “, a single box must be marked.

We also simplify the use of commands and custom macros, which were not visible enough to our taste. Indeed, it appears that they were not used quite often, in spite of the huge convenience they bring to the solution. Regarding the commands, you can now give them labels and examples. Even a greenhorn can configure a service even if he does not know the argument order of the service. Indeed, instead of seeing the macro $ARG1$ and $ARG2$, you will see their labels: WARNING and CRITICAL for instance.

Other headway, which seems interesting to us and deserves to be pointed out, it will be also possible to mix the monitoring engines. We are not only based on Nagios anymore. From now on, you can also use other core software such as Icinga and Shinken. It is moreover a point on which we wait for detailed tests of your part:)

Regarding the Centreon Broker (the replacement of NDO Utils), we plan to release it along with Centreon 2.3, which is expected to be released during the 1st quarter of 2011. For the time being Centreon Broker is not yet compatible with Centreon, but its performance is very promising and should greatly help users who have important load with NDO Utils.

Performances of the product are part of our main priorities. This version has not been benchmarked yet but that should be done very soon. We expect to see positive results from those tests, which should be run next week. The tests are simple: set 70,000 services with 4,000 hosts on a platform and check that the user interface is still fast. In other words, we expect each of the AJAX call to be less than 0.5 seconds of response time. In order to run those tests, we will use VMWare virtual machines, this represents a huge gap compared to real production environments. That means that the performances should be even better on your physical servers.

Given that the changelog of this version is rather long, we shall dedicate it several posts by the release of the stable version to present you all the evolutions:) this one will be also available on the Web site Centreon.

The Merethis Devel Team and the contributors who helped with the realization of this version encourage whoever wishes to test this beta version to do ASAP.

We remind you that all bugs are to be reported on our forge in the Centreon-Core section. The forum is not a bug tracker, it is rather a place to exchange ideas and not a tool for development :)

If you do not own an account on the Centreon forge, you can create one from this URL :http://login.centreon.com.

If you wish to be informed of the next releases, feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter.

Reminder: This is a BETA version. We strongly advise you NOT to use it in your environment of production and nobody can be held for responsible if you still wish to do it.

Enjoy the testing and thanks for your help!

The MERETHIS team.

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