Centreon BarCamp #3 the 30 of november 2013

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Because we did not have the opportunity to properly wish you this:
Happy New Year 2014 to our community!
May this year be rich in ideas, projects and success of course!
You may have followed us via Twitter: a new session of BarCamp took place on November 30th, at the offices of Merethis in Gentilly.
Around a friendly breakfast, Maximilien and Aude-Claire welcomed the members who were present for the occasion.


As usual, the purpose was to exchange with the community (users / contributors), to discover what’s new, to give voice to other monitoring or modules projects …

Maximilien presented the latest Centreon ecosystem: Centreon 2.5, Centreon Enterprise Server 3.0 (and beta tests in progress), Centreon Broker and Centreon Engine, Centreon Broker connector NagVis.
Then, he opened the floor for three technical conferences:

  • A feedback from the migration (NDO / Nagios) to (Broker / Engine) by Charles and Wilfried
  • Centreon Discovery by Vincent and François
  • How did we managed to make up for the lack of a unique monitoring agent to update agents and push plugins onto the various hosts by Charles







apiThe afternoon began with roundtable discussions about API, software quality and the user interface of Centreon. A draft of this interface, previously done by Maximilien was exclusively presented at the BarCamp. We noticed your enthusiasm at the BarCamp as well as on Twitter ;).

Again, the BarCamp attracted other curious people to exchange around the Centreon project: Julien Mathis and Romain Le Merlus (the founders of Centreon), Quentin Garnier (architect at Merethis)


Thanks again to all participants (Charles_Judith, Wilfried, kermith72, RaphaelT, Vincent, Watt__, Lolokai, Pascal, François) for your visit and your multiple feedbacks!

See you in 2014 for the next BarCamp!

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