Centreon BI 1.6.2 Release note

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This new version of Centreon Business Intelligence brings significant improvements for the following features :

  • Data retention management
  • datawarehouse data integrity monitoring
  • Reports exporting RRD graphs

The following fixes were made on standard reports :

  • The column ‘Real MTRS’ was incorrect in the following reports:
    • Hostgroup-Service-Event-List
    • Hostgroup-Host-Event-List
  • The column ‘Start date’ of the events was incorrect in the following reports:
    • Hostgroup-Service-Event-List
    • Hostgroup-Host-Event-List
    • Host-Detail-2

1. Data retention management

The ETL integrates now a partitioning system. Each availability and perfdata statistic table is partitioned by day, which means that each data for each day is stored in a separate file on the file system.
Advantages :

  • The data deletion is almost instantaneous by simply deleting the concerned files on the filesystem (inner function in MySQL).

  • The data load into these tables is faster. Each partition has its own index file, MySQL does not need to update a huge index file per table.

In order to activate the partitioning of the statistics tables in the datawarehouse, you will need to rebuild all the statistics (see the upgrade documentation for more information).

Refer to the documentation to activate the data retention management.

2. Datawarehouse data integrity monitoring

You can now use a monitoring plugin that you can execute from your Centreon server to check the integrity of the datawarehouse. Two types of checks can be done:

  • Verify the partition creation for the statistic tables
  • Verify the freshness of the data in the datawarehouse

The monitoring of Centreon BI is described here.

3. Reports exporting RRD graphs

The following reports are now compatible with Centreon 2.5 and its latest RRD graphs export functionalities:

  • Hostgroup-graphs
  • Host-graphs

However, the virtual metrics are not compatible with these reports.

The upgrade to Centreon BI 1.6.2 needs the execution of some specific procedures. Don’t hesitate to use the online documentation to upgrade step by step. Upgrade now!

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