Centreon BI 2.0 Release

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Centreon BI 2.0 breaks through the limits of the static reporting and offers a whole new report customization and data analysis feature. Rediscover your operational and business reports with web “interactive” dashboards.

Our goal: enable the “data driven decision making”, allowing you to make rational decisions based on accurate and reliable data. Centreon BI allows you to ignore the technical constraints related to data processing and the production of your key performance indicators. The software natively integrates features such as reports mass generation, publication and access control, and focuses today on the presentation and manipulation of statistics.

In order to bring a new dimension of operational data and business data analysis, a web portal allows you to customize reports and manipulate statistical data. You browse the content, refine your searches, and use drill-down navigation capabilities to identify the relevant information. Then, in real time, refresh the report on a different scope!
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Software compatibility

Software Version
Centreon >= 2.4
BIRT 3.7.2
Open JDK 1.7

The Interactive Viewer

But what is it?
An AJAX-powered, BIRT-based report viewer, that enables you to think beyond the initial structure of a report and personalize it to fit your needs. Each user will be able to meet its specific needs without asking business intelligence experts to develop new reports. Because the interface is intuitive, expert but also end users will quickly be able to understand and manipulate the tool. They will be able to take the best of reports provided with Centreon BI.
To access the interactive viewer, you simply need to go to Centreon Business Intelligence part of your Centreon interface.


All the available reports appear in the left menu. To execute a report, click on one of the report, the specific parameters appear in the main part of the web page. It is important to note that the access to the reports and the content of report parameters can be restricted using ACLs.
When the reports are executed, they appear in a dedicated pop up. Lot of actions are available, here are some examples:

  • Add aggregations
  • Add new columns to existing tables
  • Apply conditional formatting
  • Sort, Filter and group column data
  • Refresh report on the fly and modify report parameters values
1_aggregateData 2_addColonne 3_conditionnalFormating
4_sortFilter 5_refresh-report

Other available actions :

  • Hide/ show report objects
  • Modify chart types
  • Modify text attributes
  • Show/Hide/Move column of a table
  • Save report modifications

Centreon BI ETL

Merethis development team regularly faces new challenges concerning the storage and the processing of huge amount of data collected by Centreon. Centreon BI can provide an optimal service on production platforms monitoring 50 000 indicators.

Centreon BI is provided with an integrated ETL that extracts raw data collected by Centreon, aggregates and loads them into Centreon BI datawarehouse. In this new version, the ETL performances have been significantly improved, especially in the raw data management and aggregation. So every day, tens of millions of entries are processed and loaded in our datawarehouse with a very low workload. Moreover, depending on the reporting server sizing, the daily execution duration of the ETL can be divided by 5 to 15 comparing to Centreon BI 1.6.

Based on a monitoring tool, Centreon BI 2.0 is nowadays the most advanced reporting solution for the management of the infrastructure of your IT.
Contact our sales department for more information on the update Centreon BI or obtain a trial version.

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