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The Centreon BI team is proud to introduce its new online documentation available on the Centreon documentation platform.

No more PDF, everything is available to anyone, at any time, without any access restriction !

centreonBI site de doc
The documentation is divided into three main parts:

  • The Administrator guide containing the architecture, installation and update documentation.
  • The user guide containing the full exploitation manual.
  • The developer guide containing:
    • A “Quick Start” guide detailing the concepts to understand before starting developments using BIRT and the steps to create a reporting project compatible with Centreon BI.
    • The Centreon BI Developer reference book containing all the explanations that you need to be able to use the BIRT objects that we provide to you in our BIRT libraries to ease your Centreon BI report developments (more than 80 pre-configured and pre-designed objects).

Centreon BI site de doc menu

If you have Centreon Business Intelligence, you want to develop your own reports or you simply want to discover the extension, go to the Centreon BI documentation
And let us know your feedback!

Find more information about Centreon BI on the Centreon website.

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