Centreon BI – Release 2.1

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Let’s start 2015 with brand new application reports, thanks to Centreon BI 2.1 !

This new version of Centreon BI is focused (partially) on reports based on Centreon BAM. To achieve that, two other products have parallely evolved : Centreon BAM 3.0 and Centreon Broker 2.8 (available soon). You are now able to get availability and performance statistics concerning your applications. In addition to these reports, you will discover a new one displaying acknowledgement and maintenance statistics. Last but not least, a new traffic report that focused on centile statistics is also coming with this new release.

The documentation has also evolved : it is now completely available in French. Moreover, the chapter concerning reports has been reorganised to ease their comprehension.

The data extraction system (ETL) includes two new features :

  • the possibility to select and limit the reporting perimeter to store in the data warehouse
  • a new type of statistics is aggregated in the data warehouse : centiles

The new reports

The first report contains calendars displaying availability and unavailable time for each business activity belonging to a business group.

You can see this information by month : coloration is done using the thresholds in percentage and minutes defined in the business activity configuration (if defined).


The information is also available by day : cells coloration is done using the parameters defined in the job.


Report documentation

Another report emphasizes the 10 worst business activities concerning the availability, unavailable time, maintainability and reliability.


Then for each business activity, you have detailed information.


Report documentation

This detailed page is also available as a single report

In addition to the new business activity reports, two other reports are included :

  • Acknowledgement and resolution statistics for one host group


Report documentation

  • Traffic statistics displaying a new type of information : centile


Report documentation


The ETL has evolved and included now the possibility to aggregate centile statistics (mandatory to be able to use the last traffic report). You may configure :

  • the aggregation period (day, week, month)
  • the service categorie(s)
  • the couple timeperiod – centile value


It is now possible to determine the reporting perimeter to store in the data warehouse. This enables you to decrease the storage space used on the reporting server if you are not generating report on all objects of Centreon or if you want to add progressively new groups and categories.


Report generation

It is now possible to use in a job a report that you have modified and saved using the Interactive Viewer.

Softwares compatibility table




>= 2.5.0


>= 1.7.0

BIRT (only for developpers)


To be able to use the new application reports


>= 2.5.3

Centreon BAM

>= 3.0.0

Centreon Broker

>= 2.8.0

Minor improvements :

  • possibility to specify the starting parameters for CBIS
  • improve the “HELP” of the ETL
  • delete dependencies with deprecated Python APIs

Fixes :

  • Notification and logs publication
  • HTML characters when the language of the module is French
  • Various minor fixes on reports
  • Possibility to create ACL rules for jobs groups even if it contains no job

The complete list of evolutions and fixes is available here.

If you still don’t have Centreon BI, don’t wait any longer and contact our sales team now to receive your free demo license !

2 thoughts on “Centreon BI – Release 2.1

  1. I currently have a Distributed FAN Centreon Nagios running but need a better reporting engine. I’m running Centreon version 2.4, Nagios version 3.5.1 and MySQL version 5.1. My question is can I integrate Centreon BI with my current installation?

    Patrick Price

    • Hello Patrick,

      Centreon BI 2.1 is compatible with Centreon >= 2.5 so no, Centreon BI is not compatible with your current architecture.

      Not only for Centreon BI but for other reasons like support, bugfixes, new features etc.. you should consider upgrading your monitoring infrastructure to the latest version of our products. (Centreon / Centreon Broker / Centreon Engine)


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