Centreon BI version 2.2 is out!

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Users of Centreon Business Intelligence (BI) 2.2 will find 9 new report templates offering pertinent insights from your monitoring data, notably on:

  • IT energy consumption
  • Virtualization
  • Availability of IT service activity

Plus … ETL optimization and interface enhancements with handy tutorials.

IT Energy Consumption

The reporting capacity of version 2.2 adds a new interesting template that helps provide key information about your electrical inverters and save operational costs. Easily generate key indicators aggregated from your monitored data to know how your energy consumption is doing by the hour, the day or month.



Another new reporting capacity is particularly useful for monitoring virtualization applications based on the Virt-VMWare2-ESX plugin pack and Centreon-VMWare connector 2.x.

The report allows you to track the main indicators summarized by the plugin pack, such as:

  • Datastores storage
  • Datastores IOPS
  • Number of operating and dormant VMs
  • Memory and CPU consumption of ESX

First page : datastore ‘s KPIs


Seconde page:  ESX KPI’s


Enterprise Application Availability

Users of Centreon BAM will appreciate the reporting templates that list events and applications availability from the perspective of enterprise functionality, for instance accounting, procurement, CRM or ERP.

Sample reporting of the list of events for a single application.


Sample reporting of application availability.


Inventory and detailed availability and performance calendar reports

An inventory of the hosts can also be derived to provide a complete view of the related hosts, its groups, categories and templates. The same goes for services. Main configuration parameters are also displayed in these inventory report templates.

Here is an exemple of the Host-template reports


Find all details about host & services inventory reports on the documentation.

Centreon BI 2.2 has also added diagnostic reports whereby timeframes by availability of hosts and services can be easily viewed via a cross-table .



In the same way, the diagnostic report for performance by timeframe below allows visualizing the average and maximum value reached e.g. maximum bandwidth of a network link.


New Report Generation and user interface features

Examples of some new features for simpler report generation and user-friendly interface include:

  • A new button to start all the scheduled reports (monthly, weekly, daily) on demand
  • Dropbox publication : the reports are directly sent to the folder “Centreon BI” in Dropbox, allowing users to automatically retrieve the reports on their PC without going through their mailbox, the Centreon interface or a shared network.



  • Continued compatibility with Microsoft Office for possible export in xlsx, pptx, docx.
  • By default, “NoCategory” is associated to all the non-categorized hosts, making it easy to use Centreon BI from the very first instance.  This is especially so when Centreon objects (groups and categories) have yet to be configured.
  • A new tab in the general options to view available dimensions in the datawarehouse for a given user


Optimization and Enhancement of ETL

The time needed to compute availability and events have been significantly reduced and optimized.

It is now possible to link the host categories to the host templates, whereby it was only possible to create direct links between equipment and host categories before.   This makes it easy to standardize the configuration of reporting dimensions.

Handy Tutorials

Administrators and users of version 2.2 now have a series of tutorials that show how best to check the health of your Centreon BI.  You will also be guided on using the built-in scheduler to create your first report, followed by a step-by-step process of using the report-generating tool via your navigator.

Check out all of Centreon BI 2.2’s new features, enhancements and software compatibility in the release note.

If you’d like to try Centreon BI, contact us for a free trial license at sales@centreon.com.

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