Centreon documentation updated

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The Centreon Plugin’s documetnation is now available !

You might have noticed that the documentation’s web site about Centreon software suite has been updated ! It’s now easier to select FR or UK documentation part.

In addition to better readability, two new sections are available : Centreon Plugins et Centreon Backup.

The documentation usage about new plugin system was merged with Centreon-Plugins-Packs documentationNow the documentation was moved to new project and updated to do not confuse the Centreon Plugins et Centreon-Plugins-Packs projects.

This new documentation is divided into two parts: user guide and developer guide

User guide

The user guide merges some parts of the following articles from Centreon’s blog:

Notice: these articles are out-of-date and wil link to new documerntation website.

The Centreon plugin’s syntax usage is not easy to forecast, this one is fully described in this section.

Developer guide

The developer guide describe all necessary steps to create a new plugin or a new plugin’s mode. A simple basic knowledge in Perl is necessary to develop new plugins.

To help you all available libraries (HTTP, SNMP, DBI, etc.) and their methods are described in this documentation. It won’t necessary to edit each library to understand itself.

I developed a new plugin what do i do ?

When you develop a new one, the Centreon team can valid and add it into git on Centreon Plugin tracker. You need to create a new “enhancement” on tracker adding your Perl files.

Notice: soon it will be possible to create a push request on github using https://github.com/centreon/centreon-plugins uri.

You get now all knowledge to develop new plugins for Centreon. So you have no more excuses to do not contribute to the Centreon Plugin project.