Centreon Engine: Centreon developers are improving Nagios Core

The French company MERETHIS, which specializes in IT monitoring tools & services and manage the Centreon software development, propose a new engine based on Nagios core.

This independent project intends to respond to Centreon and Nagios users’ requests. Changes will therefore focus on improving performance, correcting many problems raised and adding new features.

Centreon Engine 0.9 is based on monitoring concepts developed by Nagios. Also available in this first version, a series of optimizations needed for the Nagios engine Scalability. From version 1.0, Centreon Engine will bring some expected new features. More details about the roadmap will be available in a few days on the Centreon Website.

Centreon Community

According to MERETHIS’ CTO, Julien Mathis: ”With Centreon Engine, MERETHIS wishes to allow new thinking, draw a true roadmap, issue corrective releases more frequently and ensure a better product support.” More importantly, ”Centreon Engine will continue compatibility with Nagios but with also Icinga and Shinken”, which will allows current Nagios-Centreon users to chose their preferred solution.

MERETHIS is supporting the project with: Julien Mathis (CTO) and Matthieu Kermagoret who remain the leading members of the development team. Many other people have also contributed to Centreon Engine or Nagios Core by either reporting bugs, suggesting improvements, writing plugins, etc.

All the persons wishing to participate in the project are invited to join our team !

Centreon Engine is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation. All source code, binaries, documentation, information, and other files contained in this distribution are provided online on the CentreonWebsite.

Centreon Engine project and further information on the Nagios fork will be available on theCentreon Website.

The Centreon team

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