Centreon Map 3.0.0 released

Centreon Map is now available in the 3.0.0 version. What brings this new version? What are the novelties?

The Centreon Map module is an advanced cartography tool that allows you to present Centreon indicators with easily-understood views. Thanks to the « drill-down » navigation, users can create personalised views with no restrictions on the death of the drill-down. The most important statuses for monitored components are displayed in real time through a variety of tailor-made views specific to the needs of each individual user : business, functional, technical, or topological focus as the case may be. Creating views is a simple task indeed using drag-an-drop techniques on the resources configured within Centreon. Views are automatically synchronised and updated with the data collected by Centreon and Nagios. More information is available on the site Centreon.


This new version includes numerous evolutions including the ergonomics, the features, the performances, and the evolution capacities.

  • Shape drawing

Shape such as quadrangle and ellipse can now be created directly in Centreon Map. The transparency and the color of these shapes can be edited and allows to highlight specific zone on the background map. The handling of this feature is as simple as a drawing software.

The following image shows the ellipse shape.

CentreonMap form 3The following image shows the quadrangle shape.


  • Insert customizable text

The background maps can include some text to create caption describing zones. The none latin polices can now be used in these text fields.

The following image illustrates this new feature.


  • Search and filter in the view

An engine offers the possibility of looking effectively for resources in various windows. The filters select elements according to their state in the arborescence. It is also possible to look for equipments, by name, by address IP etc.

  • Filter resources (view administrator)

The list of resource is now enriched of a research form, allowing to filter the resources by regular expression. Furthermore, the display of the resources already present in a view is ajustable, in order to optimize the creation of big map and to decrease the manual checks.

The following image shows the resources search with Regex.

CentreonMap ResourcesSearchWithRegex

The creation of links of status or load is more simple, allowing to quickly look for a host in a large list of resources.

The following image shows the link wizard.

CentreonMap LinkWizard

  • Binary execution

The execution of binary allows to call from Centreon-Map another application, by passing on the context of the selected object which allowed the invocation of external binary. Three actions already configured of this type are accessible in Centreon Map: RDP (connection remote office(desk)), SSH, and TELNET. The creation of another personalized actions is practicable to call scripts or the other one binary.

  • Integration of Centreon BAM

It is important to notify a better integration of Centreon BAM in Centreon Map. Henceforth, Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs) of the Business Activities ( BA) are available in the interface. Their level of functioning and their impact are also shown.

The following image shows the Centreon Map BA tool tip

CentreonMap batooltip2

  • Consolidation of the link edition window

A new feature allows to call dynamically external applications to Centreon Map, as a customer SSH, telnet, RDP, VOIP or script. The external applications receive dynamic parameters corresponding to the element selected in Centreon Map.

The following image shows the remote access

CentreonMap remoteaccess

  • Alert window for the major dysfunction

The following images show two alerts ( poller error and status error)

Centreon Map poller errorCentreon Map status error

  • Performances improvement

The rewriting of the server and the large part of the Client allows to increase in a remarkable way the performances in particular on the big views. The graph below emphasizes the evolution of the performances of the version 3.0.0 with regard to those of the version 2.5.9. The view taken as an example includes above 20 000 elements on a “basic” server.

CentreonMap performances

It is important to note that the loading time of the elements of a view is less than 15 seconds today while it was of 7 minutes 30 previously. This loading time was thus divided by 33. The load of the statuses was also improved. It is less than 10 seconds today while it required almost 2 minutes. This time of load was thus divided by 11.

Finally the server load is now reduced as most treatments are deported on the Client.

The full change log of this module is accessible from our web site.

This new version is available to current users of Centreon Map from their support interface. If you are not using Centreon Map yet and wish to try it please contact our sales department to request a demo.

The MERETHIS developers’ teams are currently working on a new version of Centreon Map If you wish to be informed of the next releases you may subscribe today to our Newsletter.

Happy upgrade!

The MERETHIS team.

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