Centreon Syslog project, what status?

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The lastest article written on the Centreon blog was too old, from June 2010 to be quite accurate! But what has happened since on this project for? What were the changes?

LogoCentreon-Syslog-400x91Emergence of sub-projects Since then, the project was divided into two parts:

  • “centreon-syslog-frontend” part: allows to configure access to the Centreon Syslog collectors and allows to visualize collected syslog events
  • “centreon-syslog-server” part: allows to store in database and manage collected events

Today, these two sub-projects evolve independently and have their own space on the Centreon forge and their own GIT sources management system. Documentation available on the Centreon documentation official website Like other modules, the Centreon Syslog project now has its own online documentation available on the Centreon official documentation website:

Centreon Syslog Frontend part

Since version 1.3.2, some versions have emerged: 1.4.0 and corrective release 1.4.1, 1.5.0 and corrective versions 1.5.1 and 1.5.2. The main enhancment lies in the fact that the web part can connect to multiple syslog collectors. The user can select the collection from which it wishes to filter events, while the operator can define the parameters per collectors, including the data retention. According to the information inserted in database, the web part can display on the detail page of the event all stored information of the syslog event. Moreover explicit error messages display to the user the failure issue to present events if appear. Finally, the module has evolved to be successively compatible with Centreon 2.3.x, 2.4.x and now 2.5.

Centreon Syslog Server part

The server part has evolved from version 1.2.1 to the corrective version 1.2.5 correcting as the detected issues by users of the module.What are the next steps? A major update of the module for the web part will integrate Centreon ACL definition to limit the display of syslog events to allowed hosts configured to the user. The server version meanwhile, will replace the MyISAM MERGE system by the use of system partitioning tables for MySQL and MariaDB DBMS. Finally, a new sub project Centreon Syslog CLAPI should come and allow collectors to examine syslog in command line to retrieve information in multiple formats (CSV, TXT, XML). To stay informed, please take a look at the Centreon forge

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