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We have recently presented a new hot feature of Centreon 2.5: ACL on configuration objects. Make sure to check it out now if you missed it!


Today, we would like to introduce another new feature: the UI notification system!

You should all be familiar with the basic notification system by now. It is provided by Centreon Engine and it sends out notifications by various methods such as e-mail, SMS etc… The UI notification system is nowhere near our standard notifications. Instead, it is meant to quickly notify users who are logged on the Centreon web interface.

Get notified by a small dialog box when a Host or a Service goes into a Non OK state.

Ooops.. a critical alert!

Be notified regardless of your current position on Centreon

The drawback to this dialog box notification is that you may not have your eyes on the screen all the time. That’s why we also implemented a sound notification system so that you can be alerted by a sound.

To configure this notification system, the following procedure:
Administration > Options > My Account

You can set a different sound for each type of alert :

Choose the statuses you want to be notified for

All the above notification parameters are set in the Account settings page, as they are specific to each user account.

That’s it for today, stay tuned as the Centreon 2.5 release date is getting closer and closer!

- Article updated on February 18, 2014 – 

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