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We are finalizing this “pretty” May with an interview with a member of the community: Alexandre Nogard.

  • Hey Alexandre. Could you introduce yourselves?

Hello, my name is Alexandre Nogard, I am a student at Supinfo since 2008 and I am currently in 5th grade. For my personal development and to strengthen my English, I spent a year in London and since November, I am professional contract with the company Bonduelle and I hope to sign a permanent contract.


  • How did you know Centreon and how long have you been using it (for you or your job)? On what types of projects?

During my internship in the 3rd year, I was led to research on existing systems of monitoring, I compared three tools: Nagios, PRTG & Applications Manager.
My choice was naturally inclined to Nagios and after conducting some research, I stumbled upon Centreon, so I tested and adopted.
At the end of my internship, Centreon was operational, I monitored the linux / windows, monitoring IIS, MSSQL (WMI queries) servers, MYSQL, physical Dell PowerEdge 2950 server, switches and APC.
During my internship in 4th year in Bonduelle, the expressed need was re-internalization of network management: so I made the choice to use Centreon.

  • Are you member of the Centreon community? What project? Have you sent some news (modules, functionality, etc.) of Centreon?
    Are you involved in others projects? Which one?

I am, of course, a member of the Centreon community, but for lack of time, I’m not very active (except for creating articles). I still lack of time to participate in other projects.

At the moment no, the events take place mostly in Paris and being a student, it is too significant budget for me. But this year, I intended to come to BarCamp but I had obligations last minute …

  • In your view, in the short term, what function is making difference for the users when they choose a software or any other?

Surely the ease of installation, creation and evolution of plugin.
The issue of cost is also significant.
What is also very important is the flexibility of the tool, since it can incorporate all the plugins you want, we can customize it to the fullest.

  • With what software would you like Centreon to be perfectly integrated? Why?

Perhaps a better integration with OCS Inventory, why not with IPAM.
A good thing would be to develop a mobile interface.

  • From a wide variety of available data in Centreon, which one would you like for some advanced statistical?

I’d use Centreon BI of course :) to cross data easily and to better anticipate on future evolutions at a computer equipment (eg changing bandwidth or implementation of tools QOS).
Centreon BI is also very useful to all levels within an IT department:
– Allow the Manager rather functional, to have clear reports without too much technical detail.
– Allow the technical team to anticipate future developments (as mentioned above).
– Allow the medium to target the cause of a problem and to anticipate future events.

  • Do you think that all data from monitoring can be useful beyond the simple exploitation of services?

 Absolutely, they are useful for management with graphics, but also for mainstream users to support our explanations response to an incident.
They are also useful to compare our data with those of the various operators that must ensure high availability and response time to correct.

  • You are blogger… What are your sources of inspiration?

Yes, absolutely, my blog is also in English :http://en.alexnogard.com/
I spend a dozen articles for Centreon.
I dig or applications that I work or requests from the forums. For example, my article on optimizing Centreon came after working on this subject in business, in fact, due to technical constraints, the entire platform was hosted on a single server, so he had to find ways to reduce the resource consumption of each of the services related to Centreon.

I believe that sharing knowledge is very important, especially in the world of Open Source, and it helps me personally because I use some of my articles as documentation :).

Thank you  Alex

Find Alex on Twitter.
If, like him, you want to participate in the community, find all the information on the Centreon website !

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