Centreonian Interview : David Ribeiro

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We started this series of interviews last month with Loïc Fontaine and Bruno Legros.
This month, we meet David Ribeiro, member of the community Centreon.

  • Hey David. Could you introduce yourselves.

First of all, during four years I was System Technician in the Altitude Group (French Telecommunications Company). Interested and passionate in the computer world, I have found my path in the System and Network area (Life isn’t beautiful?). Since 2 years, I am Administrator System in the Altitude Infrastructure branch.
I am an avid user and admin of Windows (2003R2->2008R2) & Linux (Ubuntu Server – CentOS).


  • How did you know Centreon and how long have you been using it (for you or your job)? On what typs of projects ?

I found out about Centreon after the implementation of the solution in the company Altitude Telecom for a particular customer. We had put it in competition with other products in my company. It “rich and flexible” frontend, the possibility of making the arch and distributed backend “Nagios” allowed him to stand out.
Within Infrastructure Altitude, we use Centreon for system monitoring such as servers tour and rack, multifunction, office computer and network monitoring.
As operator of operator, we have national backbone more than 3000 equipment totally heterogeneous.
One of the group companies use Centreon as automated client monitoring tool via CLAPI (very few equipment “specific” are added by the old method.)

  • Are you member of Centreon community ? What project ? Have you sent some news (modules, functionality, etc) of Centreon ?

I’m a member of the community (aka: tosage) and with my experiences about the product, I answer questions from other people on the forum. I suggest some evolutions/bugs, particularly on community modules. I also participated in the translation of the latest versions of Centreon.
But I also ask some questions, work with community contributors on modules that I use.I use the forum as a knowledge base on the product. The official Merethis documention can be found on many websites, with links that work more or less and not very updated… what is penalising.  I saw that a new centralised documentation website was born but I didn’t take that time to have a look at it yet ;)

  • Are you involved in others projects ? Which one ?

I am also involved in projects such as Rancid – CACTI – Nagios – Linux PowerEdge Dell (Ubuntu Server) – XCP/XenAPI

  • Are you involved in Open Source events ? For example, the BarCamp ?

As I am alone in my office, I can’t easily participate in events. So, I try to spend time on Webinar, Webex, IRC, etc… to compensate.

  • In your view, in the short term, what function is making difference for the users when they choose a software or any other ? With what software would you like Centreon to be perfectly integrated ? Why ?

I believe that a good documentation and an active community are the main elements which make an Open Source product strong. Depending the architecture used, some setting of Centreon can be difficult and repulse the users. You should consider more deeply this subject.

Work on a CES that could not only be set on CentOS, Debian could make the difference, wouldn’t it?

To distinguish itself, Centreon has to be interoperable with the IT of SME/Group and not only in the integrator offices (even if they are important customers)
It needs some connectors to be integrated in a IT without having to replace everything.
If I’m not mistaken, in the last Centreon drafts, some Webservices are coming.

  • From a wide variety of available data in Centreon, which one would you like for some advanced statistical ?

All depends on what perspective you look and your business activity and if the content provides supervision contract values ​​for your customers.
If we are sysadmin, statistics are not used: we debug
If we are part of the Management, we need well represented statistics about disponibility level by equipment, by hostgroup, etc

  • Do you think that all data from monitoring can be useful beyond the simple exploitation of services ?

Totally, the success of Centreon BI and Centreon Map is a proof.

  • Have you got a blog ? If yes, what are your sources of inspiration ?

No, I don’t have any public blog but I use an internal one via internal tools. Google is my friend and some former colleagues of the group:)

For more information about the new Centreon documentation website read the article on the Centreon blog or check out the new Centreon documentation website if you want to participate in the translation as David,
Or help other users, go to the Centreon forum !


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