Centreonian Interview – Matthieu Robin

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Come on, Centreonnians, last interview before the summer! But no worries, other subjects await you …
After Eric, Alexandre, Julien, David, this is Matthieu Robin.
This interview is a bit special because Matthew is more user than contributor. But not least! :)

  • Hello Matthieu. Could you introduce yourselves?

I started my career as a support helpdesk, first and second level in an international society. Through several companies, I could evolve into today’s System Administrator in an international finance companywhose the Headquarter is in Geneva. We are a team of four to manage about 100 servers.


  • How did you know Centreon and how long have you been using it (for you or your job)? On what types of projects?

A friend told me about Nagios and he was ultra-happy. When he showed it to me, I found unattractive and too complex for the average user interface. So I started to look much nicer solutions, and that’s when I came across Centreon. At this time, it was a personal capacity and without any professional application.

Then, when I walked into this company, we use a paid app “ActivXpert”, which works fine but no history and especially with the use of administrator rights to the monitoring server.

I was lucky because I was able to set up Centreon by myself. I started to monitor some servers and more and more. And that’s when the magic of history has had its effect! :)

I got through Centreon solve problems that our other monitoring tool could do! (Packet loss on firewall, increase the CPU load on some servers during the night …)

Then over time, I was able to send reports to the management server utilization, etc. Now Centreon is becoming our primary tool for monitoring, coupled with Nagvis. We set up a large screen in the center of our office to have a global view.

  • Are you member of the Centreon community? What project? Have you sent some news (modules, functionality, etc.) of Centreon?

Unfortunately, I am not yet a member of the community as I would like. Beta tester for me would be a good start. But I contribute to the forum, and I write articles on Centreon on my blog.

  • Are you involved in others projects? Which one?

I send a lot of feedback from people who have developed plugins, etc.

I try to help in forums: forum.centreon.com especially on Twitter (@matthieurobin) or other forums related to monitoring, Nagios, monitoring-fr.org

I give feedback on the plugins I use or that I modified for a particular need (check_wmi_plus, check Netapp, Vmware check …)

  • Are you involved in Open Source events? For example, the Bar Camp?

Unfortunately I do not have time for this! But it would be a pleasure!

  • In your view, in the short term, what function is making difference for the users when they choose a software or any other?

With the project to implement Centreon on all our sites, I see a lot more features to improve. The idea is to further simplify the interface, but without removing functions. For example, if we have to do maintenance on a server and its services, it is not easy to just cut the notifications and deliver them to someone who does not know Centreon.

It would also be advantageous to have more choice of views, for example, there is no opportunity to see who gets what notifications without checking on each service to be sure. Addition of search fields for this type of criteria would be welcome.

Adding services / templates would be a must for setting up worldwide without the people who will use it, are the “crack” in Centreon.

  • With what software would you like Centreon to be perfectly integrated? Why?

Indeed, I would add though Nagvis and wizard like Nagios IX for monitoring of particular services. I would add some plugins as well as the monitoring of VMware ESXi hardware HP, Dell, and others.

And email notifications with HTML graphics. These ideas would further simplify the Centreon interface and its ease of integration in business. Who has not Vmware, or Hardware HP, Dell …This would prevent administrators seek plugins that fits their needs. This would be more “plug and play”. I had a little trouble setting up the monitoring plugins ESXi check_vmware_api.pl

  • From a wide variety of available data in Centreon, which one would you like for some advanced statistical?

It would be very interesting to have opportunities to send reports XLS or PDF weekly, etc.

Yes, the idea of ​​having small report (including for example the dashboard, and a history of “events”) that it is possible for the scheduler or on demand via a simple module. PDFReports Module (community module) does, but it has not all the functions and information that I expect.

  • Do you think that all data from monitoring can be useful beyond the simple exploitation of services?

Oh yes! He served us much more than that. It also serves as a capacity planner!

We use history of Centreon whenever we redo a server, or add more RAM, disk, etc. It allows us to increase or decrease the resources of the machine

Find the Matthieu’s blog: www.matthieurobin.com
To become a Centreon beta-tester, go to the Centreon website !

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