Centreonian Interview – Julien Breton

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And, for the month of April, we continues our series of interviews with Julien Breton, a member of the community.

  • Hey Julien. Could you introduce yourselves?

Autodidact, I converted in IT and networks, after 10 years in the army. I obtained my degree  of IT Help Desk Assistant. In 2008, I joined a support center specialising in satellite communications. It is communications project “welfare” for soldiers in operation (Afghanistan, Africa …). I started my career as an Agent, later I became a Network Technician, then I specialised in monitoring. Today, I am in charge of a team of 8 people.


  • How did you know Centreon and how long have you been using it (for you or your job)? On what types of projects?

I used Centreon for the first time via the FAN (Full Automated Nagios) project. The aim was to replace our former tool, opmanager, too slow to operate. I began first of all with Nagios, then FAN.

However, as this project didn’t follow the Centreon updates, I decided to built a new platform from from scratch. Today, my use is both professional and personal (home). Projects are multiple: Internet and voice communications for soldiers in the field, but also in BtoB  project (VSAT data link), civil security…

  • Are you member of the Centreon community? What project? Have you sent some news (modules, functionality, etc.) of Centreon?
    Are you involved in others projects? Which one?
    Are you involved in Open Source events? For example, the Bar Camp?

I am a member of the community for several years (aka : magicbret). I don’t have any programming skills, so I don’t participate in any module or Centreon development.

However, I bring my experience and help on a wide range of issues through IRC or the Forum. Unfortunately, my activities don’t let me be as active as before, or participate in other projects or events.

  • In your view, in the short term, what function is making difference for the users when they choose a software or any other? 

In my opinion, what makes the difference is the all-in-one Centreon solution available through its web interface and its engine : Centreon Engine but also Centreon Broker.

Modules such as Centreon BI and Centreon BAM bring their added values too.

  • With what software would you like Centreon to be perfectly integrated? Why?

On the software side, I think that a full integration with GLPI will be an advantage. GLPI is a reference in asset management tools. We could also imagine integrating an IP address management software (IPAM) such as gestioip which allows to discover nodes in the network.

  • From a wide variety of available data in Centreon, which one would you like for some advanced statistical?

Performance data are very useful for advanced statistics. I think for example about the latency statistics per hostgroup, data on the number of failures for a defined period, calculate trends and long-term drifts of the performance data, compare the data according to different time periods, …

  • Do you think that all data from monitoring can be useful beyond the simple exploitation of services?

Of course, performance data from monitoring are useful beyond the simple exploitation of services. As I said before, they provide information on the trend of different equipment of the IS (Information System).

  • Have you got a blog? If yes, what are your sources of inspiration?

I don’t have any blog. However, when I have some free time, I try to participate by helping as much as possible the Centreon Community.

As Julien, participate to the Centreon Community or help us on IRC.

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