CES 3.0 release

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We are pleased to announce the release of the distribution Centreon Enterprise Server version 3.0. After a period of beta testing for several months, this release is timely after the release of Centreon 2.5 to deliver you a new version fully updated with the latest versions of the Centreon suite components.
This release marks the transition to CentOS 6.x (currently 6.5) of the distribution base for all users waiting for compatibility with this new base. At the same time, the RPM of CES become compatible with RHEL 6.

The first change is the replacement of MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB  for the database server .

We had already considered this change at the Monty’s conference organized by SkySQL last April. This change is in line with the major distributions that pass from MySQL to MariaDB such as RedHat that already plans to move to MariaDB from its next version (RHEL 7). We decided to make this decision and do not expect for RHEL 7 to benefit all changes that MariaDB brings.

Another important change is the choice of the installation. A new screen offers graphically several installation choices depending on the type of installation that you have choosen. On version 2, we managed it at the kickstart. Now these options are managed properly to Anaconda level. The choice now allow you to install a central with or without database, a poller server or database server.



We even made ​​the effort to offer you a choice of configuration between Centreon Engine / Centreon and optional Nagios Broker / NDOutils. So you have no excuse to go to a solution 100% Centreon (core + engine + broker).


All the latest versions of our products are available in this distribution.

We wanted to thank all those who have make contribution by participating in the Beta-Test.
Although for several months, this version was used by many of you, this campaign allowed us to validate the last time the stability of our solution.

Finally, we give you the basics: you’ll find here the iso of this distribution CES version 3.0. The online documentation will give you keys to setup easily this new version.

Migration, as on all RedHat systems is not assured by the distribution. It must be done manually by a toggle data (MySQL database + RRDTool) to a freshly installed server.

We hope that you can quickly switch to this version and enjoy these developments.

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