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The R&D team is working on a new version of centreon DSM module. This new version of Centreon “Dynamic Service Management” module will be provided with a new daemon which will be able to enhance the load handling generated by a big alarms flow. This daemon allows you to better manage asynchronous returns. Exit the cron tasks, this daemon can better reprocess alarms in waiting status stored into the cache system of DSM.

As a reminder, Centreon DSM manages SNMP trap in time-stamped way. Initially, it is an event box which manages alerts from schedulers ($Univers, ControlM, VTOM), applications, logs or network equipments. You can redirect alerts sent by SNMP traps in slots (in Nagios meaning, passive services) and thus you can display them into the Centreon monitoring dashboard. Unlike the basic operating of Centreon trap system, services status are never overwritten by other alerts. Alerts are auto-fulfilled when DSM receives a callback trap in order to free the slot used by the alarm.
If the slot gets freed by the callback trap or monitoring operator, the alert stays visible in the monitoring dashboard. You never miss an alert with this operating.

The official documentation of Centreon DSM will be available soon on the documentation website and a beta version will be available on the Centreon forge for all those who want to test this new version.

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