Feedbacks from BarCamp #4

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The 4th edition of BarCamp took place two weeks ago.


Still with the purpose to exchange, the day began with the presentation of the new Centreon version by Julien Mathis : Centreon 3.
But we won’t reveal anything at this time…
Or maybe just a bit ;)


After two POC (one in Python and another one in PHP), the development of the future version started in early 2014. The base of Centreon has been technically and ergonomically redesigned. There will be new modern technologies used in this version which will also grant us compatibility with later versions of PHP ( >= 5.3). Bootstrap and D3.js will also be used to render a sleek user interface. Besides the interface, we intend to work more towards the Cloud.
On a side note, a beta version is expected to be released by the end of the summer, so you’d better stay tuned!


Then, Laurent Pinsivy, followed by Quentin Garnier introduced the new system of Centreon plugins : let’s put an end to the ten uni-functional plugins with redundant code! We want standardization!!
Indeed, our goal is to standardize as much as we possibly can: execution commands, polling and caching mechanisms, SNMP libraries, etc. We have a software base that is consistent, optimized and validated so that that you no longer feel lost when you develop plugins.
You can now participate in this new system. To do so, simply

  • checkout the GIT
  • create your plugin that respects the file structure already in place
  • create a ticket on the forge
  • add your patch (it will be read by Quentin G)

After validation, your plugin will be available on the GIT. Anyone would then be able to use it and improve it.

Find these two blog posts for more help :

Then, the next presentation was made by the referent of Merethis service quality (QA) Rémi Werquin. After a short (but funky) presentation of himself, he explained the purpose of QA and how he applies it on Centreon to improve its software quality: beta-tests coordination, unit and functional tests, documentation update, software validation, etc.
He also provided some cool infographics.
To sum up: over 15,000 downloads of versions 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 of Centreon (tgz source packages) ! On top of that, tens of thousands of downloads of the CES suite!


After a merry lunch, we let Pascal talk about “ITIL management in a monitored environment”.


Then, discussions have led us to other different themes: tags integration in Centreon, management of resource groups, provisioning, cloud, Big Data and more during our friendly round-table meeting.

The Interface presentation, more advanced than the previous session confirmed our impression : it delights :)


Our thanks go to Charles_Judith, Wilfried Comte, kermith72, Lolokai, Pascal, Cédric for having come, for your mood and for your precious feedbacks, but also Sylvestre, Lionel and our presenters!

We have received many requests for the slides that were used during the BarCamp # 4. Unfortunately, we would rather hand them to you in person during our next BarCamp.
So, see you next semester at the BarCamp #5!

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