Gold in your database!

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You might not be aware of that but a treasure is hidden in your datacenter, and more precisely, in your Centreon database. Real time data collected by your monitoring system represents a huge amount of information that you have to capitalize on.

We hear a lot about “war chest” owned by e-commerce entreprise or companies like Google and Facebook, but at our level, monitoring data might be crucial in the day-to-day IT infrastructure management and alignment on enterprise strategy.

What data to exploit ?

Multiple type of data are collected in real time by Centreon :

  • Status changes logs
  • Syslogs logs
  • Performance data
  • SNMP traps logs

Data collected gives you a continuous vision of your activity and changes of your systems, network and applications. They help you in the daily management of your IT infrastructure and should be used to validate the right directions for investments or organisational changes. Why that ? to provide the best services to your internal or external clients of course.

Since Merethis started its activity in 2005, many customers expressed the need for storing historical monitoring data between 1 and 5 years. When we sought the reason why they want to keep these data, they often gave us these two answers  : To be able to analyze problems and follow trends. The intention is good but the truth is that only a very few customers really go further in this process of exploring data. This is mainly due to the used methods that happen to be very time-consuming, repetitive and non automated, thus preventing customers from taking full advantage of the huge amount of monitoring data available.

To address these needs concerning monitoring data analysis, Merethis created Centreon Business Intelligence in 2009 to simplify the creation of automated reports based on Centreon raw data.


This solution has evolved a lot and now allows companies to simplify the analysis of their data through around twenty standard reports shipped with the product. These reports handle the following themes: Availability of resources and services, capacity and performance of your infrastructure, incidents management, network traffic analysis.

Find below some problematics that you could solve with Centreon BI :

  • By listing the CPU, memory, storage or network usage of your customers’ resources you could implement an automatic billing report.

perf by metric

Example:  CPU listing for hosts in America and Europe

  • By knowing the under used resources and the overloaded ones you can respectively rationalize them or plan futur investment.

cpu use

Example : Memory usage analysis on Database servers and Windows servers

  • Follow the reliability of your equipments and the ability of your team to maintain and restore them.


Example : Maintainability and reliability reports of different kind of servers

  • Plan network, storage, memory or other projects requirements several weeks/months ahead depending on the growth of your needs. Nothing better than that kind of report to finalize your budgets and justify the future investments.

CPU ESX berlin

Example : CPU usage forecast on an ESX server

Do not hesitate to read the reports section of our documentation for more information about all the available reports.

To be able to see all those reports, like any good reporting system, a scheduler enables you to generate static reports (pdf, excel etc..) and publish them automatically to multiple recipients or platforms.

Last but not least, an advanced visualization feature enables you to generate and manipulate reports on the fly using your favorite web browser.

What if the standard reports do not meet my needs ?

Even though common needs are well covered by standard reports, specific needs emerge more and more from our customers, whether they relate to the presentation of the information or the contents of the reports. You will most likely have different needs depending on your business (outsourcing, industry, public service…) .

The strength of Centreon BI is that it provides a data warehouse containing data from the monitoring system that have been agregated and qualified according to your own business dimensions. Indeed, executing direct queries on the raw data against a Centreon database wouldn’t offer acceptable response times and will require you to make many complicated queries to achieve your goals.

This data warehouse eases the extension of the standard reports and the creation of your own reports. These new reports can be based on the development libraries provided by the product to take the best of the gold stored in your databases.

Regarding the development of reports, Centreon BI is based on the open source reporting tool called BIRT. No additional costs have to be anticipated if you decide to develop your own reports. BIRT enables the integration of data from Centreon BI data warehouse but also data from other sources. Indeed, you could exploit information coming from:

  • Helpdesk or ticketting tools
  • Financial department
  • Human Resources department
  • Contract related to customers
  • Weather
  • Social Networks
  • etc

The diagram below illustrates the possibilities brought by the development of specific reports.

gold in database

You are not familiar with BIRT report development ?

No problem, after following our training course on BIRT and Centreon BI (and a little practice time :-)), your team will be able to develop reports that meet your needs. You may also check our quick start documentation to get you started with a new project on BIRT focused on Centreon BI.

You’re lacking time or resources ?

We provide consulting services on report development.

You don’t wish to develop reports but instead you just want to enjoy the features offered by the product ?

A training course on Centreon BI deployment and administration is also available. This course will allow you to take full advantage of standard reports and master the administration of the product.

You want to evaluate the possibilities offered by Centreon BI and mine the gold you already have ?

Don’t wait any longer and contact our sales team now to receive your free demo license !

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