Best practices: “did you know?” about Centreon 2.4 – Part 3

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Through a special series “Did You Know” from Best Practices, we invite you to make a whole new round of Centreon 2.4.
In continuation of the first article, “Did you know“, here are some additional tips.

Graphic visualization of time periods

Have you noticed the icon to the right of the definition of time periods?


If you click on this icon, you will see the definition of the period per day, including the periods of inclusion and exclusion. For example, the period “MySQL-Monitroing-Period” includes the periods 24×7 excluding the timeslot Sunday from 00AM to 03AM.


For a better visibility, you can put the mouse hover the daily definition, and then appear the detailed definition of the day:


Module installation state in Centreon

From Centreon 2.4.x version, a new column appeared in the menu of Centreon modules management. The “Status” column determines if dependencies for the regular functioning of the module are present.
In the following example, the icon “?” describes that there is no dependency needed for this module. The second icon indicates that at least one dependency is needed:


When you put your mouse over the icon, a popup appear to describe problem:


When the problem is corrected, the icon changes:


Display error in virtual metrics configuration

When you create a new definition of virtual metrics (part 1 and part 2) and if the RPN definition (Reverse Polish Notation) is false, a popup appear when you try to save your definition:


This avoids false record definition!

So had you noticed these changes? What do you think?
Let’s comment ;)

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