Best Practices : “Did you know?” about Centreon 2.4

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Many changes have been made to the 2.4 branch of Centreon. Many of you have noticed the main (widgets, etc.).
But are you sure that you have all discovered?

Through a special series “Did You Know” from Good Practices, we invite you to make a whole new round of these.

Update configuration of the scheduler

The Centreon Web interface has been modified to bring you lots of information about the status of your monitoring engines and configuration status of your monitoring platform.

The screenshot below shows that your monitoring engine never started:


This indicates that the engine is started, the PID number, start date and my date of last data update:


If you add / edit / delete a host or service, then Centreon indicates that a change was made ​​on the configuration of your scheduler and that it has not been applied:


Once the configuration is refreshed and restart your scheduler on it, you get:


Criticality level of equipment and check points

Centreon provides the ability to classify at the Centreon interface, equipment and indicators associated with the addition of criticality.

Start by describing the different levels of criticality available.
In our example, we monitor different environments such as: “development”, “recipe”, “production” on a single platform.

Via the menu “Administration -> Options -> Media”, import images that are associated with the critical points:


Go to « Configuration -> Hosts -> Criticality » and describe the critical points: :


Change the definition of your equipment and link criticality to these:


After regeneration of the configuration and application changes, it is now possible to filter the display according to the criticality available:


Tooltips pop

The latest version 2.3.x of Centreon proposed tooltips pop, located at the forms configuration objects.
Since version 2.4.0, the aid was generalized to all forms of configuration, both in terms of the configuration objects of monitoring that the administration of Centreon.

These aids are available by clicking on the symbol represented by a “? ”


By clicking on this icon, a tooltip will appear:


That’s all for today!
So had you noticed these changes? What do you think?

Stay tuned, we meet next month!

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