How to monitor collaborative messaging solution with Centreon

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Did you know that you can set up monitoring indicators dedicated to collaborative messaging software such as Blue Mind?


An internal study has been made and we would like to share it with you.

The study of Blue Mind solution has been realized by Alexis Beaufils, during a Merethis’ project in Toulouse. This study led to a monitoring solution for all users who are using BlueMind as a mail server.

Thanks to his work, new plugin have been developed and those will enhance the Centreon Plugin packs.


Blue Mind is a complete solution of company messaging service.

Today, Blue Mind is integrated in a large scale of customers’ IT from SMEs to multinational companies or ISP. The Blue Mind community is very active, especially in the forum ( ).

The success of Blue Mind is mainly due to user-friendly interface and the ease to install, to update and to administrate every day. Users access BlueMind through their web browser or Outlook/Thunderbird connectors.

Blue Mind is available in «On Premise» version or Cloud.

Like any business software and especially a messaging one, Blue Mind needs to be monitored and analysed to prevent any problems of infrastructure.

The interconnection between Centreon and Blue Mind

Our expert team of Toulouse worked in order to highlight the most relevant indicators of the software:

– The rate of CPU usage
– The rate of RAM usage
– The response time of the application
– Daily traffic of the application
– Available disk space, very important to manage the store capacity of emails.

In addition to these main indicators that display the operational state of your Blue Mind solution, some software data are used to analyse in depth the working and the use of the software.


This following data indicates the good functioning of the process and the response time as well.

• databases :
We developed and adapted the analysis of Blue Mind specific databases.
Using PostgreSQL on specific transaction and database schemas, Centreon can analyse the response time of Blue Mind: response time, number of connections, statistics on database, extract the longest requests.

• State of main process mail and HTTP :
The main flow of Blue Mind is a stream via a postfix server and HTTP flows that is managed in front by nginx and apache.
We can now analyse the specific flow to BlueMind in order to analyse the response time, number of connections at a given moment, number of requests per seconds, etc. Concerning the mail, Centreon is able to analyse the number of sent and received emails and it can determinate the number of SPAM from your own antivirus software.

• JAVA Application :
Blue Mind provides reporting of data from JMX plugins. Centreon is able to analyse this information specific to Blue Mind and to show information of each JAVA component, for example the internal RAM.

Now, the specific features of Blue Mind are taken into consideration in your monitoring platform and thus, you can determinate what amount of time you have to act for the maintenance process.


At the end of this study, the first plugin was adapted by Alexis Beaufils for Merethis, in order to use it with Blue Mind. This plugin can easily display the number of sent or received emails and the number of spams if the filter sieve (Cyrus) has been configured.
Another plugin, developed in Perl by Alexis Beaufils for Merethis allows to send information regarding the RAM usage by all Blue Mind Java blocks with the use of JMX.

These two new plugins will soon be added to the Centreon plugin packs.

Find more information about the already available software, please visit the website Centreon :


Activity monitoring with Centreon BAM

The module Centreon Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) allows to follow up the monitoring activity for the messaging host.
The user interface provides a clear and direct view of the indicators. This module is a real added value for the monitoring of a server of this size.

Visit the Centreon website for more information about Centreon BAM :

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