Interview of Loic Fontaine & Bruno Legros, authors of the lastest book about Centreon

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Just in case you missed this news, the French book Centreon “ Manage your IT monitoring” (Maîtrisez la supervision de votre Système d’Information) has been available since few weeks. We had the opportunity to talk to authors and realised an interview that will launch our new community rendez-vous “The Centreonnian Interview”.

  •    Hey Loïc and Bruno. Could you introduce yourselves.

Loïc : I’m Loïc FONTAINE. A graduate from SUPINFO, I were consultant for the company HORUS OI for one year and I were involved in consulting work for companies located in the Indian Ocean Area. Now, I’m selfemployed as Centreon specialist system engineer in Europe. I’m also a Cisco and virtualisation trainer for SUPINFO.


Bruno : I am Bruno LEGROS. I have been developer, architect and the IT consultant for key clients in Paris region. In 2010, I decided to be freelance in La Réunion island and then to create my own company Horus Océan Indien one year later. This company is dedicated to IT monitoring with Centreon.


  •     How did you know Centreon and how long have you been using it ?

Loïc : I started getting into the monitoring world when I was student during my training period. I have discovered Centreon 2 years ago after I had tested the ordonnancer Nagios. Its interface, ease of configuration and use win me over.

Bruno : One of Centreon founders (Romain) is a school mate. So, I knew Centreon or rather Oreon when it was the end of studies project. I had the opportunity to follow  the wonderful evolution of Centreon.
To monitor and to measure the quality of services are recurrent items in a company. When I set up on my own, I immediately thought of Centreon and I suggest it among my solutions and it was an excellent choice :)

  •     Are you member of Centeron community ? What project ? Have you sent some news (modules, functionality, etc) of Centreon ?

Loïc : I am often involved to the Forge : I trace different bugs and/or suggest some novelties. I also participated at the First Centreon BarCamp via Webex (thank you Merethis) during this event I had the opportunity to present our book, discover new features of Centreon 2.4 and give my opinion about the product.

Bruno : Like Loïc, I am a member of the Centreon Community. My actions are mainly to trace some bugs and to bring some improvement, often taken into account (Thank you the team). However, Horus has different evolution and integration projects with Centreon and plans to be involved more often in a near future.

  •  How did you come up with the idea of writing a book about Centreon and why ? Who is the book for ?

Loïc : I’ve been thinking about writing a book about Centreon for a long time: one year. I had noticed that there were not a great books dedicated to this products. As soon as the ENI editions contacted me via a social network, I have immediately accepted. So I decided to propose Bruno to join me in this project and he has accepted.
Our book is for all people who wants to discover or set up a monitoring solution as Centreon with some best practices, such as Project Manager, CTO, Administrators, etc. IT students can improve their training with this book.

Bruno : Loïc is a part of Y generation: he is very present on the web and very active on social networks where he often talks about Centreon :). So, he has been noticed by MERETHIS and ENI. When Loïc offered me to write a Centreon book with him, indeed, I have immediately accepted. There is a great lack of literature about Centreon. We hope we can be recognised as Centreon expert as well. We learnt very much about Centreon when we were writing.
Loïc summed up who can be interested in this book. I precise that the first and last chapters are dedicated to the Decision Makers. They are less technical and give a view of monitoring concept and a good way to manage efficiently a monitoring project.
For the anecdote, my son Noan is born on the 20 of July and we gave the manuscript the 31. I had to bring my computer to the maternity to finish and give the book on time. :)

  • Where can we find information from your book  and particularly the scripts ? Do you want Merethis to host some of your scripts in order to improve them (via the community)?

Loïc : We used some different sources:
– the official Centreon documentation
– Cédric TEMPLE who accepted to answer all our questions and to write the preface.
– our training and feedbacks from experiences.
Bruno and I developed the scripts from our experiences.

Bruno : The scripts are available only via ENI (book and download). As Loïc said, these scripts come from our own experiences. The Centreon Community can get and improve them we have no issues with that,

  •     Loïc, we know you are a great blogger, can you talk to us about that ?

Loïc : I have a blog dedicated to IT engineering  :
You can find some items – in French- : monitoring (of course), Microsoft and Linux systems, network (and Cisco), security and virtualization.
I try to share different projects I worked on.

  •     And you, Bruno ?

Bruno : I don’t have any technical blog but I manage the HORUS website which is building
And we have twitter :
Loïc : @lolokai
Bruno : @brunolegros    @horusoi

  • Thank you

Looking for the book ? Go the ENI editions website to find a french version.

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  1. Dear gentlemen thanks for writing this book, I can’t wait to read it. Because back in the days I had had hard days (3 years to be precise) looking for information about Centreon, sadly there’s not much where to read it, neither Spanish, English nor French (well, in French it’s better, so there’s not the same complain level about it).
    I think you’ve done such a great work! Congratulations.

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