Is Your IT Monitoring Business-Savvy?

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  • Are your servers and applications about to give out during crucial business or work hours? And for what reason?
  • Is your ITOM team sufficiently alerted to anticipate or intervene promptly in system outages or failures?
  • Is response time for IT problem-resolution respected or realistic?
  • Are there IT assets or resources that can be pooled and shared or are they really inadequate?  
  • What is the state of your storage space, how is it used and how will it continue to be used as your company’s business evolves?
  • Is your network designed to address your organization’s changing needs?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you are among the growing numbers of enterprise IT professionals who are searching for monitoring intelligence that can influence business growth.


 Learn How Centreon BI Helps

Responsible for the operations of critical enterprise and business applications such as CRM, payment transactions, customer support, accounting, etc, it’s no wonder ITOM teams are increasingly under pressure to be more transparent and accountable to business decision-makers and other non-IT stakeholders.

Knowing which IT component is constantly underperforming, what network resource is insufficient and where energy savings can be made is no longer just a matter of “keeping the lights on”.  It is critically linked to enterprise operational productivity and efficiency, impacting business outcomes.

Business-Savvy Monitoring Intelligence

Business-savvy ITOM teams know that far from being a cost-center, they are a strategic asset that can help steer growth, deliver better user service levels and make IT investments count for top management. So equipping themselves with tools that measure key performance indicators in easily understood terms is fast becoming a necessity.

The problem?  Although solutions for business intelligence are common, solutions for business-centric IT infrastructure, systems and network performance monitoring intelligence are few and far between. This is all the more the case for piecemeal or open source monitoring software.

Centreon BI addresses this gap.  As a simplified business-centric reporting tool, the software is conceived to understand budget-conscious professional ITOM teams who need to be fast, efficient and effective in how they deploy and communicate value to management.

The Monitoring Intelligence of Centreon BI

Centreon BI works seamlessly with the scalable, open and free open source monitoring software, Centreon Enterprise Server (CES).  It aggregates and correlates monitored data from the CES platform to provide essential indicators in visible and easy-to-read format that IT and non-IT stakeholders can act on.

Users of Centreon BI have the capability of generating instant information and insight for IT systems and infrastructure provisioning, capacity planning, network and service performance tracking and redress.

And because the information is presented in friendly business-centric reports, even the most non-technical decision-maker can understand the strategic implications of IT deployments, allocations and investments.


What Centreon BI Delivers

With Centreon BI, there’s no need to develop or add a separate tool for reporting of your monitored IT operations.  It is fully integrated to work on any CES-monitored data as it incorporates:

  •      A data warehouse with integrated ETL dedicated to reporting of monitored data;
  •      A scheduler to generate your cyclical or on-demand reports and to publish the results via email or different cloud platforms e.g. Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, CIFS;
  •      More than 30 pre-configured standard reporting templates to cover, among others, information and patterns about equipment and application:
    • Availability
    • System downtime, outages, performance and reliability
    • Performance and capacity in accordance to SLO and SLA
    • Usage and load on the network
    • Energy consumption

The diagram below shows how Centreon BI works.


All configuration and operation of the module is done via the interface Centreon.


Don’t yet have CES?  Download the free version here or talk to us about getting our instant and complete version for the enterprise with monitoring intelligence from Centreon BI.

Next up: you’ll learn how easy it is to use Centreon BI to generate business-savvy reporting for your Centreon monitored IT data.

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