Multiple templates with Centreon 2

One of the many new features of Nagios 3 is the multiple templates system that allows a host to inherit from many templates in one shot (see here for more details). We are currently working on this new feature for Centreon 2.

If you were experiencing difficulties for making optimized host template models on Centreon 1.x and all that gave you a major headache because of the linar object inheritance system, then you should feel relieved with the next release of Centreon 2.Indeed, with a linear system you can’t do very flexible models… Let’s say you have many hosts that happen to inherit from a Dell template, and one of those hosts is actually an Oracle DB server too, would you choose to link that specific host to the Dell template, or the Oracle template? Not all the Dell hosts are Oracle servers, likewise, not all Oracle hosts are Dell servers. There would be no choice other than adding manually the Oracle services to your Dell host. I think this image is pretty self explanatory :
With Centreon 2, there will be no more dilemma! Make your models freely, link your host to your Dell and Oracle templates all at the same time :)

Looks great, doesn’t it? ;) The current SVN version of Centreon already offers this feature, you can also wait for the next beta release to try it out. I will talk about the powerful “on demand” macros system later… make sure to check it out.

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