Nagios disfunctional due to time change

Whoever uses Nagios 3.2.0 will encounter a bug when a change of time has occured in his area. The bug results in a scheduling problem where service and host checks are no longer executed. This can be confirmed by checking the scheduling queue : all hosts and services will be scheduled to be checked at 11 PM as of today…

This problem can be fixed easily : just follow these steps.

1. Edit nagios.cfg of all your nagios servers and modify the following line :




2. Restart Nagios

3. Check scheduling queue : Everything should be back to normal

Nagios will not keep the scheduling information in the memory stack, as a result the entire scheduling queue will be computed again. Don’t forget to change the “use_retained_scheduling_info” parameter, otherwise restarting Nagios will not be enough to fix your problem.

After checking that everything is ok, make sure to set use_retained_scheduling_info back to 1 (use_retained_scheduling_info=1) in order to keep scheduling information for you next restart :)

We hope that helped you out :)

2 thoughts on “Nagios disfunctional due to time change

  1. Hi! I have suffered this problem with a nagios version 3.2.3 but I didn’t find it any info about the issue in nagios. I did your workaround and it works, thank U very much! i tried before restarting nagios but didn’t work. I got two question:

    – Is possible if i upgrade nagios version this issue will be solved or not?
    – After applied the workaround i roollback the parameter (use_retained_scheduling_info) in order to be set once again to 1 but without restart nagios because i worried the problem would be repeat again….is it a serious problem?


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