Nagvis/Centreon Broker: for better or for worse

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Merethis is very pleased to introduce the Centreon Broker connector for the cartography software Nagvis.
This connector allow to use Nagvis AND “centreon-broker” without installing “livestatus/xinetd”.

We’ll see how to install and configure this connector.

1 – Nagvis install

Nagvis install is done on CES 3.0 with “centreon-broker/centengine”.
We use the lastest stable version of Nagvis (version 1.7.10. The connector shouldn’t work for the 1.8.x version). You have to install nagvis on Centreon central server (not a poller) :


# wget -O nagvis-1.7.10.tar.gz
# tar zxvf nagvis-1.7.10.tar.gz && cd nagvis-1.7.10
# bash

| Do you want to proceed? [y]: y

Please enter the path to the nagios base directory [/usr/local/nagios]: /usr/share/centreon-engine/

| Please enter the path to NagVis base [/usr/local/nagvis]: /usr/share/nagvis

| Please enter the web path to NagVis [/nagvis]: [enter]
| Please enter the name of the web-server user [apache]: [enter]
| Please enter the name of the web-server group [apache]: [enter]
| create Apache config file [y]: [enter]

| Do you really want to continue? [y]: [enter]

Then, restart Apache to access to “Nagvis” via the URL (user and password: admin): http://adresse-centreon/nagvis

2 – “centreon-broker” connector configuration

The connector “centreon-broker” is not included in Nagvis archives. So, you have to download the connector and configure Nagvis:

# wget
# mv GlobalBackendcentreonbroker.php /usr/share/nagvis/share/server/core/classes/
# chown apache:apache /usr/share/nagvis/share/server/core/classes/GlobalBackendcentreonbroker.php && chmod 664 /usr/share/nagvis/share/server/core/classes/GlobalBackendcentreonbroker.php

Please add the following section at the end of the file “/usr/share/nagvis/etc/nagvis.ini.php” with the information for the database:



Database values can be found in the file “/etc/centreon/centreon.conf.php”.

Now you can add objects “centreon-broker” if you select the “backend_id” “centreonbroker_1″.

If you notice bugs, you can report it to the forge.




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