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Merethis presents from Gentilly (France) a new plugin system; this system must replace the former Centreon plugins.
Some works are better than a long speech, we are going to try and install this plugin system.


Download and unzip the following archive on a Linux / BSD (or other) server of your choice: centreon-plugins-beta-1.0.tar
To enjoy the full functionalities of the system, you can install the following Perl dependencies:

Dependence “SNMP” is an important development of Centreon plugins. Plugins will no longer use the venerable library “Net :: SNMP” for several reasons:

  • no changes since 2010 (The SNMP v3 authentication by certificate is for example not possible);
  • different behavior of the library between SNMP v1 and SNMP v2.


The monitoring plugins carries out from the same programm: “”.
The principle is simple. The user must specify the “plugin” (option ‘–plugin’) and the monitoring required for this plugin (option ‘–mode’):

$ perl --plugin=os::linux::plugin --mode=load --host
OK: Load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00| 'load1'=0.00;;;0;; 'load5'=0.02;;;0;; 'load15'=0.00;;;0;;

You can know the available modes with the option ‘–list-mode':

$ perl --plugin=os::linux::plugin --list-mode
Modes Available:

The option ‘–help’ can view the arguments of a mode:

$ perl --plugin=os::linux::plugin --mode=load --help

Functionnalities in bulk

This plugin system allows (non-exhaustive list) :

  • about the usage :
    • Different output formats: options’ – output-xml ‘or’ – output-json;
    • Running with a different user: option ‘- runas;
    • Displaying Execution Perl errors.
  • about the development :
    • To associate a mode to several plugins: for example, a mode that checks SNMP network interfaces can be associated to a “Linux” or “Cisco” plugin;
    • Simplify the development of plugins including SNMP;
    • Version and support management (using the documentation “Pod”);
    • Retention file management  (stored on a local disk or a “memcached” server)..


Besides this new system, you already find the following plugins:

  • “Linux” check (SNMP) (–plugin=os::linux::plugin) ;
  • “Windows” check (SNMP) (–plugin=os::windows:plugin) ;
  • “Bluecoat” check (SNMP) (–plugin=network:bluecoat::plugin) ;
  • “MySQL” check (SQL) (–plugin=database::mysql::plugin).

You have no excuse to try it.
All feedbacks (critical or encouragement) are highly appreciated.
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Soon, a new post will explain how to develop their own plugins.
The bravest ones can already read the source code and see the code in the “example” directory.

 –update 21/05/14–

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