New Release Centreon BI 1.6.0 – coming soon

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Released planned for the end of the year, the Centreon BI 1.6 version will be colorful !
Indeed, you will find some new features such as a dynamic theme management in the report designs , a more precise access control management based on report design group and scheduled tasks group.

Be first to discover the main features of Centreon BI 1.6 !

Software compatibility

Centreon BI
1.5 & 1.6
>= 2.3
Eclipse BIRT
Sun Java runtime environment
>= 1.6

Improvement of the access control rules

The ACL management evolve giving more flexibility and also less work load in update processes. User access to Centreon BI reports can be limited :

  • by report design groups and/or specific report design
  • by scheduled tasks group and/or specific scheduled tasks group.

Report design groups and scheduled tasks groups allow to organize the related configuration objects in subsets (Examples :« Capacity management », « Availability management », « Event management », « Reports for Paris data center », « Reports for client X », …).
These new objects of configuration are used only for the ACL management but their usage will be extended to other Centreon BI web interface pages in the following versions.

Report theme management

In the previous release of Centreon BI,  we presented you new report designs and their specific set of colors blue, red, orange.
Now, you will be able to select your « theme » when you configure the scheduled task. Moreover, this “theme” is customisable to be as close as possible to your graphical charter.

      orange   red   blue

New reports

We have redesigned several reports to meet the new graphic charter. New reports are also available and you can generate some statistics report :

  • visualize summary reports for several host groups ;
  • target a specific host group ;
  • target a specific host.

These report designs also include parameters of host and service categories to filter only on useful data.
The main topics are the availability management, the capacity management and the performance management.

           new_report_1  new_report_2bis

Advanced data retention management

Centreon collects an increasing amount of data. In order to reduce the storage issues, the data retention duration can be adapted according to the data granularity.

Statistics aggregated per month which need few disk space can be stored for several years .Although  statistics aggregated per hour, which are often used to audit equipment in present time can be stored only few months.
So, The data retention duration can be customized according to :

  • the data type : availability, event, performance
  • the data granularity.

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