Sebastien Boulianne shares his CES user experience …

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“One of the nicest things about choosing CES is knowing we’ll be able to evolve and scale IT monitoring in an affordable and effortless way as our needs and those of our customers, grow over time,”
Sebastien Boulianne, network and  system administrator at CPU.

Company: CPU
Headquarters: Quebec, Canada
Sector: IT Services

After using IPSentry for a number of years, CPU found that it was no longer meeting its needs and those of its customers.  One reason was the lack of regular updates.  A more important reason however was to align to their customers’ increasing needs in monitoring databases such as MySQL and Oracle.

In 2014, CPU decided to reassess their choice and started looking for a more powerful and comprehensive monitoring solution that would not break their bank account.

The Choice of Centreon’s CES

After evaluating Nagios XI and Icinga, CES became an obvious choice as CPU saw the benefits of its one-stop-enterprise-monitoring solution, not least:

  • Easy installation
  • A very cooperative community of network and system administrators, even in Quebec
  • Many available plugins
  • Authentication with Active Directory
  • Nice interface and easy navigation
  • Responsiveness of Centreon’s team

“I am completely satisfied with the functionalities of CES.  The solution can monitor the majority of our network and server equipment.  If I encounter a problem, I just need to use the IRC, Centreon Forum or email Centreon and I get help to quickly resolve the issue,” says Sebastien Boulianne.

He added, “We are definitely open to the possibility of purchasing other Centreon  software modules at the right time, for instance, Centreon BI, along with the necessary technical support and services.”

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