Little news about Release of Centreon BAM 2.4.0

A new advanced indicator: bolean KPI

You can now define some indicators as Boolean type. This new indicator has only two positions (OK and Critical) determined by the return value of KPI rule (True/False). Thus the boolean KPI is based on a logical rule including different positions of Centreon monitored services. Below an easy logical rule example:

( Ping NOT OK OR Ping NOT OK)

It means “If Ping service of host is not OK or Ping service of is not OK, then the rule returns True”. While configuring, the user can define if the return value True/False of the rule, matches OK or Critical position of Boolean KPI. The user can overlap several rules on several levels.

Possible downtime on Business Activity

Now, you can set a downtime on your business activity from monitoring control. Notifications won’t be sent when the downtime is planned.

Configuration tool tips

Centreon BAM now offers Tooltips on configuration, giving a better parameters understanding.

Few changes on behavior of calculation engine

Until now, the KPIs from the host that were in a DOWN / Unreachable state are considered critical. From now on and for a better cohesion, they are considered as *Unknown*. It is advised to check the impact of *Unknown* state on KPIs.

Centreon BAM 2.4 is now available MERETHIS platform as well as the full changelog.