Data Driven Summit 2014 feedbacks

We announced it several weeks ago, we participated in the Data Driven Summit 2014 organized by Actuate to Pershing Hall (Paris 8).

DataDriven2014_inscrivez vous

The day started with a keynote of Pete Cittadini, Actuate CEO. He explained his vision of the market and how the integrated analysis is a key factor in current applications.
Then 3 customers includingMerethis presented their feedbacks about the usage and integration of Actuate solutions.

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Centreon BI 2.0 Release

Centreon BI 2.0 breaks through the limits of the static reporting and offers a whole new report customization and data analysis feature. Rediscover your operational and business reports with web “interactive” dashboards.

Our goal: enable the “data driven decision making”, allowing you to make rational decisions based on accurate and reliable data. Centreon BI allows you to ignore the technical constraints related to data processing and the production of your key performance indicators. The software natively integrates features such as reports mass generation, publication and access control, and focuses today on the presentation and manipulation of statistics.

In order to bring a new dimension of operational data and business data analysis, a web portal allows you to customize reports and manipulate statistical data. You browse the content, refine your searches, and use drill-down navigation capabilities to identify the relevant information. Then, in real time, refresh the report on a different scope!
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Centreonian Interview – Alexandre Nogard

We are finalizing this “pretty” May with an interview with a member of the community: Alexandre Nogard.

  • Hey Alexandre. Could you introduce yourselves?

Hello, my name is Alexandre Nogard, I am a student at Supinfo since 2008 and I am currently in 5th grade. For my personal development and to strengthen my English, I spent a year in London and since November, I am professional contract with the company Bonduelle and I hope to sign a permanent contract.

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New Release Centreon BI 1.6.0 – coming soon

Released planned for the end of the year, the Centreon BI 1.6 version will be colorful !
Indeed, you will find some new features such as a dynamic theme management in the report designs , a more precise access control management based on report design group and scheduled tasks group.

Be first to discover the main features of Centreon BI 1.6 !

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Release Centreon BI 1.5.3

This version brings significant improvements in the ETL and the reports:

  • The RRD graph export reports have been updated in order to integrate more input parameters (new graphs filters);
  • The capacity planning report « Hostgroup-Capacity-Planning-v2 » was refactored in order to integrate business hours (timeperiod) and new filters for the statistics calculation;
  •  The ETL execution time was reduced for the calculation of analysis dimensions (« dimensionBuilder » process);
  • A document, called “quick guide”, was produced to improve the understanding of Centreon BI architecture and the importance of each process.

You will find below the main bugs solved by this version :

  • The graphs containing a character slash “/” in the name of the metrics was not displayed in the RRD graph export reports;
  • The calculation of the statistics aggregated by month was executed only the second day of the month instead of the first day of the month. A bad management of the timezones has resulted in an offset of the timestamps for each monthly built statistic.