What’s up in the Community Centreon ?

New projects, new followers, members increasingly active, first BarCamp, media communications tools enjoyable and performing well (documentation, forum, blog, website, twitter), more important financial and human resources (thanks to Merethis ) …
The Centreon Community did well in 2012 and is already promising an excellent year for 2013.

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Second day at 2011 Libre Software Meeting

The second day at LSM 2011 was marked by several conferences on the monitoring. Each one brought its own set of questions to the market participants present at the LSM including the Centreon Community members.


The conference entitled “Monitoring for the next decade” which took place on Tuesday 12 at 2.40 pm and which was moderated by Olivier Jan fueled the curiosity of a large audience. More than 60 people came to attend. The first part provided a state of the art, including a presentation of the solutions currently used in the market with their interests and limitations. The second part was dedicated to the hypervision and business views.


At the end of the intervention of Olivier Jan, many questions were raised by participants. Many of them wanted to share their experiences in business. The 40 minutes devoted to the subject have ultimately not been enough to satisfy the curiosity of users who wanted to go further. This presentation will be available on the website of the LSM and the Monitoring-frWebsite.

After this presentation the exchanges continued late at the Montoring-fr and the Centreon Community booths.

The questions addressed to the Centreon Community mainly concerned the Centreon project’s progress in the coming years and the roles of Centreon Engine and Centreon Broker. A summary of these discussions will be available in a more complete article so that our readers can enjoy exchanges made at the LSM 2011. This will be posted on the Centreon blog.

Feel free to continue the debate on the Centreon forum

Enjoy your monitoring.

The Centreon Community members