Keep control of virtualized spaces in your frastructures with Centreon


Recent analysts forecasts such as Gartner with its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2015, market estimates and even studies conducted by giants software publishers such as IBM, agree that the roles of the Directors of Information Systems (DSI) is rapidly changing with the development of Cloud Computing. In their report on the outsourcing of IT infrastructure with cloud computing approaches, ROI & Trends 2015, the French analysts Markess show that in many companies, where performance is key, CIOs are led to see world as their counterparts members of the Executive Committee. Everyone now concentrate more on how Cloud Computing can improve customer engagement and operational performance while anticipating market trends. Ensure an optimal performance of the virtualized spaces becomes a daily requirement.

For many years, our R&D teams follow the evolution of Cloud Computing. Today our team note that monitoring solutions offered by Cloud service providers don’t cover all the needs of our customers DSI and can sometimes be challenged.

Among the players in the market, Merethis’offer  has adopted a comprehensive control mode for vSphere virtualized environments This provides a way to independently verify that the contract of service offered by VMware is well respected.

Today virtualized spaces becoming increasingly prevalent in business, Merethis teams continue their research to meet the new needs of Centreon ’users. Our teams are at your disposal to discuss the new issues you are facing, do not hesitate to contact them to discuss it with them.