Centreon Community first day at 2011 Libre Software Meeting

Positive feedback for the Community Centreon after the first day at LSM 2011. Numerous meetings took place yesterday around the stand 46. Users, contributors, partners, friends came throughout the day sharing with members of the Community Centreon.

RMLL pola

This first participation in the event enabled them to show the latest version of the software to visitors searching for a monitoring solution. It was also an opportunity to present the latest stable versions of Centreon Engine and Centreon Enterprise Server released last week.

This full day of visits was also marked by discussion around the Centreon project future developments and more generally monitoring solutions.

Among the topics discussed were: the monitoring solution integration in an Information System, the communications with third software such as GLPI, Fusion Inventory, and a hypervisor view.

Compatibility with Centreon engines available on the market such as Nagios, Icinga, Shinken and Centreon Engine has been duly addressed.


Finally, it is not possible to forget the reunion with members of the Communauté Francophone de la Supervision Libre (Free Monitoring Francophone Community). They had come to the LSM to present the monitoring solutions such as Centreon of course but also Nagios, Icinga andShinken.

Do not miss today on Tuesday, the three conferences around monitoring themes:

Max welcomes you on the stand 46.

RMLL Centreon Community Max

Come to visit the Centreon Community booth ;-)

The Community Centreon members

Centreon Enterprise Server, the Centreon novelty revealed at the Solution Linux trade show 2011

Centreon Enterprise Server (CES) is the Linux distribution dedicated to the Centreon monitoring based on CentOS operating system. CES supports the full system installation, from software to sensors, as well as schedulers. You keep hold of the full system administration and manage the changes of official and community components as you wish.


With CES, you access online service and repositories to help you manage the evolution of your monitoring suite in a better way; updates are easy and the system is audited. Getting new official or community extensions is possible in a few simple steps.

CES image

Revealed during the Solution Linux trade show which took place from 10 till 12 May of this year at CNIT-Paris La Défense, the CES Standard version was warmly welcome.

This Standard version is available in download from the Web site Centreon.

A complete documentation is also at your disposal on the Web site Centreon.

The Essentials and Advanced versions of Centreon Enterprise Server allow you to benefit from products and more important third-party features, such as the support, software extensions and a catalog of probe.

Our ambition is to provide a software reference base for users like Centreon monitoring integrators.

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The MERETHIS-Centreon team.

CENTREON-MERETHIS, report on Solution Linux show participation

This fifth participation was marked by the launch of the novelties Centreon Engine and Centreon Enterprise Server, the meeting with the contributors of the project Centreon as well as the participation of our team in the Round Tables and in the Intelli’n TV interviews.


2011 Novelties,

As every year the trade show was the occasion to reveal the latest versions of the extensions of the Centreon software suite including Centreon Business Intelligence (BI)Centreon Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)Centreon Map. Numerous demonstrations were proposed. The announcement of the release of Centreon Engine and the 2.2 version of Centreon, the day before the opening of the show, created a buzz in the community but also in the community village. It is however Centreon Enterprise Serveur which held the attention during the trade show. CES, our new Linux distribution dedicated to Centreon seduced a large number of new users thanks to its simplicity of access. They have particularly appreciated the speed of execution and the ease of update offered to the persons who wish to set up a solution of supervision without full knowledge of the domain.

Meeting with the Centreon project contributors,

During 3 days, our teams welcomed visitors wishing to exchange on the Centreon software suite. The Centreon project contributors’ presence on Wednesday such as David Porte, Wistof, Watt and LKCO allowed the Merethis developers to exchange directly with them on the projects to come. This meeting has strengthen the links between the various actors of the project. It ended with a distribution of Centreon goodies and the traditional Wednesday evening cocktail.


The trade show highlights,

As the CTO, Julien Mathis, expressed himself on creation of Centreon Engine, fork of Nagios during the Round Table dedicated to the “Community” the subject of which was ” 2010 the year of forks: and the future? What are the best practices to perpetuate a community? “.

During its interview by Philippe Scoffoni for Intelli’n TV, Romain Le Merlus, Projects Director, was able to answer the question: ” What’s Centreon? “. Find this interview on the You tube Intelli’n TV channel( Flo2sTV)

Cédric Temple was also able to exchange with Philippe Scoffoni on the Intelli’n TV set about the Open Core. Find this interview on the You tube Intelli’n TV channel ( Flo2sTV)


Centreon in the Community village,

Visitors of the community village were also able to find Centreon and exchange about it with the Monitoring-Fr team which proposed demonstrations of the monitoring platform.


Next meeting,

The members of the Centreon community will be pleased to meeting you again together with the members of the French-speaking Community of the Free Monitoring. They will have the pleasure to exchange with you in a more relaxed environment. Meet them during the World Freeware Meetings which will take place in Strasbourg from 9 till 14 July 2011.

The Centreon Merethis team