Here comes our new module, Centreon GLPI!

We are very pleased to announce the release of the first version of Centreon GLPI.

GLPI, which stands for Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique (Free Management of Computer Equipment), is a French Open Source software. It is a Full Web solution that helps with the management of hardware inventory and it is also used as a service desk tool. For more information regarding GLPI’s features, please visit their official website

Automatic import system

The first purpose of this module is plain simple as it offers the possibility to automatically import Network Equipment and Computers from GLPI to Centreon, based on import rules. Imported hosts will be linked to a specific host template and services will be created as well if the template is properly configured.

Centreon GLPI Import

  1. Cron script retrieves list of Network Equipment and Computers from GLPI’s Web services
  2. If equipment does not exist in Centreon database and rules are matched, host import takes place and services are deployed.

Ticketing system

Secondly, Centreon GLPI can interact with the service desk tool of GLPI by triggering tickets whenever hosts or services go down. Tickets are opened when Host is Down or Service is either Critical, Warning or Unknown; those tickets will be automatically tied to the appropriate piece of equipment in GLPI.

Centreon GLPI Ticketing

  1. Host or Service goes down
  2. Event handler is triggered, the plugin opens the ticket through GLPI’s Web services.

Ready to give it a try? Follow the documentation. We are looking forward to reading you feedbacks!