CES 3.0 release

We are pleased to announce the release of the distribution Centreon Enterprise Server version 3.0. After a period of beta testing for several months, this release is timely after the release of Centreon 2.5 to deliver you a new version fully updated with the latest versions of the Centreon suite components.
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New Release Centreon BI 1.6.0 – coming soon

Released planned for the end of the year, the Centreon BI 1.6 version will be colorful !
Indeed, you will find some new features such as a dynamic theme management in the report designs , a more precise access control management based on report design group and scheduled tasks group.

Be first to discover the main features of Centreon BI 1.6 !

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Release Centreon Broker 2.3.0

The support of RRDtools graphs is the most outstanding feature in this version. Now, users may create new graph types such as GAUGE, COUNTER, DERIVE or ABSOLUTE (http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/doc/rrdcreate.en.html)

A new syntax regarding performance data is required in order to enable these new graph types. Although the former syntax is still compatible with the default graph type, it is strongly recommended to update your plugins in order to improve the overall presentation of your graphs! You can find all details about this very syntax on the documentation website of Centreon.

Please, find the list of enhancements and bug fixes of Centreon Broker 2.3.0 on the Centreon forge.

Little news about Release of Centreon BAM 2.4.0

A new advanced indicator: bolean KPI

You can now define some indicators as Boolean type. This new indicator has only two positions (OK and Critical) determined by the return value of KPI rule (True/False). Thus the boolean KPI is based on a logical rule including different positions of Centreon monitored services. Below an easy logical rule example:

(srv-centreon.com Ping NOT OK OR srv-merethis.com Ping NOT OK)

It means “If Ping service of srv-centreon.com host is not OK or Ping service of srv-merethis.com is not OK, then the rule returns True”. While configuring, the user can define if the return value True/False of the rule, matches OK or Critical position of Boolean KPI. The user can overlap several rules on several levels.

Possible downtime on Business Activity

Now, you can set a downtime on your business activity from monitoring control. Notifications won’t be sent when the downtime is planned.

Configuration tool tips

Centreon BAM now offers Tooltips on configuration, giving a better parameters understanding.

Few changes on behavior of calculation engine

Until now, the KPIs from the host that were in a DOWN / Unreachable state are considered critical. From now on and for a better cohesion, they are considered as *Unknown*. It is advised to check the impact of *Unknown* state on KPIs.

Centreon BAM 2.4 is now available MERETHIS platform as well as the full changelog.

Release of Centreon Engine 1.3.0 & Centreon Broker 2.2.1


Release of Centreon Engine 1.3.0

This new version implements a key feature, the use of connectors. The main purpose of these daemons (programs that are run in background) is to provide better execution context to the check plugins. For instance:
•    SSH connector: this component is a connection multiplexer. It offers the reduction of open connections and it also makes them persistent
•    Perl connector : this component embeds a Perl interpreter and somewhat enhances the execution performances of plugins written in Perl
The other noticeable features are the following:
•    Replacement of the Qt library by centreon-clib and libxerces (for the XML part)
•    A few fixes
The detailed (technical) changelog is available at this URL : http://forge.centreon.com/versions/133

Release of Centreon Broker 2.2.1

This new version enhances overall performances thanks to the implementation of SQL transactions. Basically, the concept of these transactions is to group queries in order to generate less input/output on the server. When transactions are used, the executed queries affect a virtual copy of the database. It is only at the end of this operation that data is actually written in the disk and  made accessible to users. This mechanism highly enhances the input/output situation of the storage device.

The other noticeable features are the following:
•    Non-process of host/service statuses that are too old (next_check < now)
•    New statistics module for retrieving information such as the list of loaded modules, processing speed, connection status, etc…
•    Deactivation of the SIGCHLD signal (less back and forth signals between kernel-space and user-space)
•    Rotation of log files (for limiting storage issues)
•    Possibility to write cbmod logs directly in the Centreon Engine/Nagios logs
•    Possibility to disable log synchronization on the disk (*sync* system calls)
•    Stalled callbacks with Centreon Engine/Nagios (lesser restarting time)
The detailed (technical) changelog is available at this URL:http://forge.centreon.com/projects/centreon-broker/versions/160