Is Your IT Monitoring Business-Savvy?

  • Are your servers and applications about to give out during crucial business or work hours? And for what reason?
  • Is your ITOM team sufficiently alerted to anticipate or intervene promptly in system outages or failures?
  • Is response time for IT problem-resolution respected or realistic?
  • Are there IT assets or resources that can be pooled and shared or are they really inadequate?  
  • What is the state of your storage space, how is it used and how will it continue to be used as your company’s business evolves?
  • Is your network designed to address your organization’s changing needs?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you are among the growing numbers of enterprise IT professionals who are searching for monitoring intelligence that can influence business growth.


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Gold in your database!

You might not be aware of that but a treasure is hidden in your datacenter, and more precisely, in your Centreon database. Real time data collected by your monitoring system represents a huge amount of information that you have to capitalize on.

We hear a lot about “war chest” owned by e-commerce entreprise or companies like Google and Facebook, but at our level, monitoring data might be crucial in the day-to-day IT infrastructure management and alignment on enterprise strategy.

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Centreon BI 1.6.1 released


This new version of Centreon Business Intelligence (BI) brings significant fixes for the ETL and report generation engine, it also corrects various minor bugs on the report designs.

For the users of Centreon BI 2.0, some of these fixes are already available in the version 2.0.1, the rest of them will be available in the version 2.0.2.

The upgrade towards the version 1.6.1 is strongly recommended to apply the following fixes:

  • The availability statistics calculation was incorrect in some particular cases
  • The report generation engine included two anomalies:
    • The publication by e-mail for non-admnistrator users was not executed
    • The cyclic jobs (daily, monthly, weekly) were executed only once.

Don’t forget to check the Centreon BI documentation in order to follow every steps of the upgrade.

The repositories of Centreon BI have also been modified, the latest repository information is available from your download center on the Centreon Support Platform.

News features of Centreon BI

The Centreon Business Intelligence (BI) module offers in-depth examination of the data collected by your Centreon monitoring tool. Centreon BI is driven by a very powerful reporting engine and offers the possibility of generating custom reports on the availability and performance of your IT infrastructure. Based on the logs and data collected by Centreon, reports generated by Centreon BI allow you to accurately analyze data to find the critical indicators that you can quickly act upon to fix your IT infrastructure’s issues.

The 1.4 version brings major improvements such as new reports where maintainability (MTTR) and reliability (MTBF) of equipments can now be measured. This new version also includes some planning forecast algorithms for performance metrics, thus allowing you to foresee the saturation of capacity indicators, for example.

Centreon BI integrates some new features to make easy to customize, generate and  publish reports. The reporting engine automatically parallelizes generation tasks of reports depending on the estimated load per report template.
From your dashboard, you can customize logo on the head page or headers of your reports. The documents which are generated by the reporting engine can be published on different platforms at the same time : Windows© share folders, FTP server, Linux server, e-mail.