Tutorial: how to translate Centreon

With our last best practices article about contribution management and feedback to contributors, you have learnt the different ways to contribute to Centreon and now you know that Centreon’s translation is one of them.

Do you speak another language?
Another different one?

If you want to contribute to translate Centreon, this new tutorial is for you!
Discover how to translate Centreon web interface and how to help us to add new language in Centreon.


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The Centreon documentation website gets a new look

You’ve probably discovered during the release of Centreon 2.4; the Centreon documentation website so expected by the users has been replaced by a new one ! Indeed, the Merethis team have worked hard to bring you user-friendly tool and by offering lots of news.

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The v2.3x Centreon translation in French is done!

The Centreon community has been actively involved in finalizing the web interface’s translation to provide a 100% complete translation in French for v2.3x Centreon. The help bubbles in the configuration form, have reached a 60% completion rate.

A RPM package will soon be available on the CES repository. You can download the translation files from Centreon Translation’s website as well.

Each one of you can participate in several Centreon’s translation such as German, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and many others! You just need to create an account on Centreon’s website and share your translations through our translation platform Centreon.

A big thank you to all people who helped us: benoitp, Hellnino18, jmathis, lpinsivy, nitroz44, Zargos and of course, all of you ;)


Let’s translate Centreon

Would you like to use Centreon in your native language?

Do you wish to share this amazing software with your colleagues and friends in your language?

Are you looking for a chance to take part in an open source project and make it better?

The MERETHIS teams registered a project account for Centreon on Pootle, which is the new translation tool chosen for our monitoring software (and hopefully yours as well).

Pootle is an open service allowing people to collaboratively translate software and documentation. Designed as a hub for translations of Open Source projects, Pootle supports translations straight from the project’s source.


No programming knowledge and no special tools needed! You can start translating missing phrases or correct available translations right now.

It is now very simple to participate in the development and in the improvement of Centreon.

Direct access to the Centreon account here.

To connect yourself, you can use the login and password created for your Centreon forge or wiki account (if you already have one). If you don’t have one yet, go to Centreon Account Management Interface.

All the Centreon developers are counting on you to translate Centreon in as much languages as possible. 18 languages (French, German, Greek, Spanish, Polish, …) are already available on our portal.

If you wish to add a new language, please do not hesitate to make the request via our contact form.

Join us and share your linguistic knowledge!

The Merethis team

Centreon in German!

Centreon has been translated in German. The package is available in the Download section of the official web site.

We would like to give special credits to Nikolaus aka nfilus who did a great job. We thank him for his hardwork!

We hope to see more contributors work on translations for Centreon in the future. You can check out the translations in progress here.

The next language package release we will make should be Portuguese. It has yet to be validated by our contributor though.