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A year already since the last review about the Centreon community.
But what happened this year? How has the community evolved and how has it participated in Centreon project?
Remember in 2012, there was many changes!


2013 is a record year for visitors number on our networks

Although the number of registration on the Centreon Forum is stable (around 1900 against 2000 in 2012), the website traffic has increased by 19%, meaning about 60,000 additonnal visits! The top 5 countries visiting the forum are in ascending order: France, USA, Germany, Brazil, followed by India.
Centreon blog has meanwhile seen its attendance increased by 3! Every day, you are more and more people following our articles: new releases, new features, monitoring best practices or interviews of  members of our community. And, what about Twitter with 67% new subscribers.
Thanks to all the people who follow us and encouraged us!

Exchanging is nice, to come together is even better

In October 2012 took place the first barcamp where the community members could meet and exchange with the developers of Centreon. In this line, 2013 succeeded in uniting the community core through the second and third Centreon barcamp!
Toulouse also have their events. After “Mêlée Numérique”, Merethis and Centreon attended the “Nuit des Réseaux” last December and the JRES in Montpellier!

These meetings attract new Centreon users / contributors and historical contributors who bring with them new ideas and new requirements to sustain the project. The next event date is not yet fixed but regularly take a look at the blog Centreon not to miss entries!

You participated in the Centreon project
You probably  know : Centreon isn’t anymore a simple Nagios © overlay but a great monitoring software solution: Web Interface of configuration and data centralization,  monitoring engine (Centreon Engine) and its connectors,  stream multiplexer (Centreon Broker),all packaged in RPM format in the project CES (Centreon Enterprise Server).
Our products appear, new features are developed and we need you. For the beta testing campaign about the next version of CES 3.0 in lastest November, you were fifteen beta-testers to offer your help to improve our product. A big thank you to all those who have invested in helping us
For all those who wish to join, the project is here!

Centreon always present on the blogs!
The year 2013 has been full of articles on Centreon. Eric Coquard (aka kermith72) through his blog offered us a whole series of articles on Centreon from installation to CES operating, Centreon, Engine, Broker and other modules. His advices are useful. Charles Judith (aka cjudith) complements these tips through best practices on Centreon and general articles on monitoring via his blog. Cédric Temple offers us a detailed explanation of SNMP protocol (main used monitoringprotocol) complementing all through this series of articles. Many other blog articles on monitoring and Centreon can be discovered on the web …Keep us informed!

There was a book … there was an article
Remember in 2012, Loïc Fontaine and Bruno Legros had written together a book on “Centreon – Manage the monitoring of your IT system” (Editions ENI, the book is in French). This year, Centreon had the chance to get an article in the prestigious GNU / Linux Magazine (number 160) to present to its readers the operation of SNMP traps and their implementation / use in Centreon lastest May.

Which program for 2014?
The year 2014 will follow closely the 2013 line. You shall stay connected to the blog in order to know when the next barcamp will be (probably in June) or whether we will be in Solution Linux and which stand. Do the same for complete participation in our various salons (LSM, JRES …).

We count on you!
And yes, we still count on you this year as in previous years. New phases of beta testing is to be expected because our software is changing every day. We need you to participate in different show and especially to share your experience with all those who will ask questions about Centreon. Finally, we need you every day for us to move, use our software, participate in testing phases, suggest features, participate in the development, meet the expectations on the forum or IRC, to participate in the update of the documentation; make live Centreon.

Again thank you for your support, your help, your feedbacks!
A big thank you to everyone who participated this year in improving our projects, through simple, yet constructive suggestions, through creating tickets on forge, proposing patch or simply using and promoting Centreon everyday.

Thank you and see you soon …

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