The community in 2014

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As every year, it is time to take stock about the Centreon community. We look back at the highlights, we review new projects, new followers and we thank the active members. Once again, the Community Centreon has good results for 2014!


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The events

This year, barcamps were very focused around the next version of Centreon: the version 3!!! The #4 barcamp had started to collect the first feedback from our participants on this new Centreon’s version. The most of #5 barcamp, not only taken place it outside the CENTERON (Merethis oldest) office but it was open to the general public to gather a 30 people in the heart of Bastille!

The day was organized around a presentation of advances Centreon and 3 different presentations: expectations of a DSI, Auchan feedbacks, Rudder & Centreon and Centreon at Criteo.

We were keen to invite you to our events, but also to meet you!

This is why we participated in the Solutions Linux in Paris, at LSM in Montpellier this year, the Free Software Regional Meetings (Rencontres Régionales du Logiciel Libre) or even the Open World Forum in Paris.

Remember, if you have events that you would like us to participate or that you would like to join us, we are all ears. Contact us!

The community


Active members

The community is still active.
As usual Eric Coquard (@kermith72) help you in your installations and configurations via his articles. Matthieu Robin  is involved in Centreon: after his 10 reasons to switch to Centreon, also assists you on the facilities and debrieffe its participation in barcamp # 5. Charles Judith shares what he likes in Centreon 2.5 and plugins.

We also thank Florian Ashe, very active on the forge of new Centreon plugins and Stéphane Duret ;), Loic Fontaine and Cédric Temple for his Centreon’s articles as well.

Tools and the change of tools

Our tools forge / forum / IRC are always available to you, but we try to modernize them and still continue in 2015. In fact, community forge became more binding and activeless, so we decided to boost this. In December, community forge migrated kindly to github.

Focus doc

A good product can only be good with good documentation. That is why we have invested a lot of time to offer much quality documentation. We would like to provide you the French AND English versions, which are now done for all non-technical documentation. You can fetch information about our documentary platform.

Focus Centreon Plugin

What a surprise for 1 year! Early 2013, the project grouped of a set of 30 “plugins” Today, there are now over 100!
All thanks to the work of Quentin Garnier, Kevin Duret, Simon Bomm David Sabatié but Florian Ashe and all others.

You will find a non-exhaustive list here.

Participate, you too, to extend the functionality and add new pollers!

Your favorite posts in 2014

Then ?

We are planning a Centreon 3 beta test campaign for 2015. Stay tuned !

And then we will open more international and we are going to Portland for Monitorama event. Although we have other ideas, but to learn more, you will stay connected to the blog!

Again and again: thank you to you for your support, your help, your comments !!!

A big thank you to all those who contribute directly or indirectly to the Centreon project via feedbacks, suggestions for improvement, participation in events or just promoting Centreon around you.

I thank you all and see you soon …