Transfer of Centreon plugins to Github !

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We mentioned it a few weeks ago on our blog and we did it : the official repository of Centreon plugins are now on GitHub. We hope this will encourage more of your contributions. You can still have access to Forge Centreon but trouble tickets or bugs are now open on GitHub.

How to contribute ? 

Everyone is invited to contribute to this project but how? It’s simple. You can now fork the centreon/centreon-plugins project on Github and then evolve its content according to your needs or aspirations. Once you feel you’ve built an interesting feature, you can submit it to us with a push-request. Our team will then integrate it into the core of Centreon. Your changes or corrections will be incorporated in the next version. The Centreon-plugins are currently usable with Centreon 2.x as an option but they will become the only plugins installed by default with Centreon 3.x.

What can we find in Centreon-plugins?

Centreon-plugins is a framework that enables the coherent and clean development (technically speaking) of new control points in a fast and easy way.  It is in fact a unique plugin consisting of a number of major extensions with rich functionalities to cover monitoring essentials.  The repository contains everything needed to monitor a relatively complex information system or environment, such as: OS (linux, window, Solaris, etc), networking equipment (Cisco, Alcatel, Fortinet, etc), database (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL), application servers, UPS, server indicators, etc.

In a year, Centreon-plugins have evolved into an efficient and reliable ready-to-use monitoring kit (having put our QA team to work on it).

The plugins and their extensions are also used in the plugin packs of our Centreon Enterprise Server (CES) offer.  For a quick glimpse of these, be sure to check out our plugin pack catalogue.

It’s never been easier to jump in and contribute. So “see you” on Github!

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