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New projects, new followers, members increasingly active, first BarCamp, media communications tools enjoyable and performing well (documentation, forum, blog, website, twitter), more important financial and human resources (thanks to Merethis ) …
The Centreon Community did well in 2012 and is already promising an excellent year for 2013.

Communauté CentreonThe community and its members

How many are they?

It is difficult to answer this question. Between users and occasional daily Centreon project contributors (developers, reporters, …), those who develop and manage modules, those who share their knowledges on forums, those who come to us for various events and those who publish articles on the social networks, we are many.

More than 2,000 new registrations have been recorded in 2012 and over 3000 people were active on the forum Centreon. In addition to this, 1350 people registered on the site login.centreon.com allowing access to core and community forges.

You are also more likely to contact us on the IRC channel. Know that our loyal contributors are always available to answer your questions.

Where are they?

Every continent and almost every country ;-).
A little picture will better represent the situation:

Source usersSource: Google Analytics on the site connections forum.centreon.com for year 2012.

How do they get involved?

Everyone participates in its own way. There are those who create tickets on forges to propose a change or to report an issue, those who write many articles or encourages projects on social networks such as Twitter or on their own blogs, those who help the community via the forum or the IRC chan, who develop and of course those who use Centreon daily and its modules and share their experiences via word of mouth.


2012 was a good year in terms of Centreon module creation, whether community or cores (developed by the Centreon team). The Community Forge has welcomed three new projects:

  • Multi Source Import Module (MSIM), a module for import and compliance audit of the Centreon configuration with a repository from multiple sources such as SQL, Microsoft Excel, CSV or XML.
  • Periscope, a module for automatic discovery of active devices on the network that can be supervised.
  • Mobile-UI, an interface for Centreon dedicated to Smartphones

More projects hosted on the Community forge remained active such as:

  • Centreon Discovery, a module designed to automatically discover and monitor hosts in a distributed architecture.
  • Centreon Google Map, a module to view the status of hosts and host groups on a Google Map.
  • NDO Tools, a module, providing tools to help manage the Centreon NDO database.
  • PDF Reports, a module to generate reports of availability information from the Dashboard Centreon in a PDF format.
  • Thresholds, a module that can easily change the value of service and macros with Nagios 3, change the threshold values ​​without restarting Nagios.

The Community forge now includes twenty modules that complement those developed by the Centreon team.

They talk about Centreon on blogs

So many articles written during the year 2012! Our dear friends Alex (Alex Nogard), kermith72 (Eric Coquard,) lkco (Olivier Li-Kiang-Cheong) and Lolokai (Loïc Fontaine) have written together 47 items, including thirty from Eric who has many talents :-). We probably missed some, let us know!

To stay tuned, visit Centreon’s blog and those of our faithful bloggers.

They talk about Centreon on the Net

In addition to the sites proposed by the Centreon team: core forge, community forge, documentation site, forum, official website of Centreon, blog …. Many other sites have published articles about Centreon such as Linux.org, Linux-FR, Monitoring-fr, Smile and many others …

A book

After two books about Nagios, it is Centreon turn. Loïc Fontaine and Bruno Legros from Horus Océan Indien co-wrote the book “Centreon – Master the supervision of your Information System” published by ENI.

Community events,

The Centreon community has participated in many events during the year 2012. It was present at FOSDEM in Brussels in February, Linux Solution Salon Paris in June, and the Libre Software Meeting (LSM) in Geneva in July. These participations allowed members to share with other free software communities but also with you of course.

What is the schedule for 2013?

The goal this year is to attend the same Free Software events and if it is possible to be present at the next Days of Free Software in Lyon.

Stay tuned to the Centreon blog to be informed of the upcoming events.

First Centreon Bar Camp

You were 12 contributors to participate in this first Centreon Bar Camp. Together we were able to discuss the Centreon project and its evolutions. For some of you, it was a first IRL meeting with the Centreon team. Following the success of this first event, we have decided to repeat the operation in the first half of 2013. Prepare your calendars!

A big thank you

A big thank you to all those who directly or indirectly participated in the dynamics of the Centreon project: simple Centreon user, the reporters of requests for changes or bugs on the Centreon forge, developers and managers of module, participants in the Centreon forum and IRC chat, to those who communicate on their blogs and Twitter and all social networks.

Thank you and see you soon … for the Centreon project 10 years anniversary.

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